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A 5 Step Plan to Build a Better Team Today!

leadership training Nov 19, 2018

You have a problem that we need to address. It’s your service team.

Okay—that’s not exactly accurate. The problem is you for not training your service team enough.

Sure, you trained them…maybe once, maybe twice. But half-ass effort yields half-ass results. Oh, and please, for the love of all that is sacred, don’t throw out the excuse that you don’t have time. You never had time to begin with. 

Things get done when you make a decision and develop the self-discipline to get what you want. If your service is so-so, the effort you placed into training them was at that same energy level. Water truly does seek its own level; mediocrity is attracted to mediocrity.

Don’t think so?

How many powerful or successful people do you know who seem to be friends? Do they run in the same circles? Successful people like to associate with other successful people.

How do you get there? How can you create a service team that just dominates your...

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4 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales Without Upselling

The upsell.

How many restaurants have you been to where the server comes over and automatically starts into the canned sales script they are told to recite with the energy of a sloth? Enough already. Upselling is dead. That's right, today's customer is far too overstimulated with about a 1,000 other sales pitches every day from their mobile phones, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+… they are everywhere!

So, how does a restaurant increase sales if upselling is a dead end? Simple. We need to change our mindset and focus to build better rapport. Here are 4 ways to get you down a better path to profits.

4 Alternative Ways to Increase Profits

1. Be Guest-Centric

Very few things are as frustrating as someone trying to get you to buy something you have no interest in. The canned “welcome” scripts at most restaurants are truly stale and delivered in a way that would not inspire most customers to buy the item being pitched. The reason they have lost their effectiveness is...

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