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Here's Why Your Restaurant is Killing You Slowly

goal setting leadership Feb 16, 2018

It’s the same story. Next week (next month) things are going to be different! You are going to make those changes you have been endlessly talking about. You make a declaration to the world that you are going to really do it and now you mean it. Again.

Here’s the question: why wait?

Maybe it’s not the right time? Truth is that time doesn’t wait to be convenient, it just keeps ticking away.

You need to pull a few things together first?


Like what?

This stalling excuse is just a fancy version of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” classic. The only thing is that then tomorrow gets busy (because that’s life) and you pull that classic back out and say “tomorrow”... again.

Let’s look at some of those changes many want to make and are holding back to implement:

Market More

The longer you wait to up your marketing game the harder it is to play the game. More and more new restaurants open every day and that is competition. They...

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