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The Truth to Why Your Staff is Leaving You

leadership turnover Jul 21, 2018

The restaurant industry has never been a low turnover kind of business. In 2017 the industry turnover rate was 73%! Some fast food restaurants are even higher at around 150%! Holy crap!  Now back in 2007, the turnover rate was a whopping 80.7! So, as an industry 2017 was better. It’s just that most restaurant still suck at controlling the turnover machine.

You’ll hear catch phrases like, “the war for talent” being used quite often and the problem is that mindset. Maybe the correct phrase should be, “the war with talent”? It seems that as an industry we push people out of our business more than we do to pull them in. Here are 5 truths to why your staff is leaving you.

1. You’re not a nice person to work for.

If you describe yourself as tough, business minded, direct, no-nonsense, or a hard ass manager, let’s face it…you’re probably a jerk. You might dilute it with other words, however that’s what you are. Issue...

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