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How To Have Your Restaurant's Social Media Suck Less

Take a look at your Facebook feed and you will  see a world vying for your attention. The thing is you are trying to capture the attention of your current guests and even entice new guests to come for a visit too. Kind of a conundrum, huh?

Throw on top of that TV and radio commercials, then you have messages 24/7 out there. We all want to be seen. We all want your attention. If you don't want your share of the attention out there, never fear because others will gladly take your share.

So, how do you stand out?

How do you get people to look at your restaurant?

How do you make an impact in today's crowded marketing world?

Don’t fret, below are a few tips to help your brand shine in the Digital Age!

1. Stop being boring.

It happens every day on the internet. A restaurant posts their daily special with a plea to come down today and try it. Like a little bird asking for food. The problem is there are 1000 other little birds in your market all crying for the same thing. That...

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Creating a Restaurant Marketing Plan in 4 Steps

marketing Sep 12, 2017

Are you marketing your restaurant as much as you should be? You might be doing some marketing on social media channels, however, if you are like the majority of restaurants out there it is far from effective. Why? You don't have a solid marketing plan. You are just dabbling with marketing. Time to jump all in.

Why Don't You Market More

You probably have a very long list of reasons why you just cannot market more. These list of reasons have become chains that hold you down and stuck in the middle of the market where all the other restaurants that don't market enough are. The middle is that placed saved for being average. The last thing you want to be is average is the restaurant industry. That is like being trapped in a room with very hungry animals and you are the food supply. Being average and in the middle makes you a commodity.

Commodities are traded by price comparison. So, if you don't stand out to your guests, you just blend in. If you want to see the effect of just being like...

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