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8 Hidden Dangers in Restaurant Lease Agreements

Guest Blog Post by Mark Chase, Restaurant Real Estate Expert

“In all my years as a restaurant coach, consultant and operator I can tell you first hand that restaurant location and lease negotiation is more important than most people think. Getting an expert to help answer questions is important. Mark Chase is such an expert.” -Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™

1. Net Charges and Common Area Maintenance (NNN/ CAM)

Commercial properties including, shopping centers and free standing restaurants typically require the Tenant to pay a portion or all of the properties expenses as "Additional Rent". The charges may include maintenance and repairs of the common walkways and parking lots, security, property management and utilities for common areas. The Tenant will also pay their share of property taxes and property insurance. NNN charges for each year are estimated and paid monthly with your rent payment. These charges are usually defined on a monthly or yearly price per...

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