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If your restaurant or life is not 100% the way you want it, then you have to admit that it just might suck a little. Time to face the truth, cowboy up, and embrace what sucks in order to get what you truly desire. You’re either growing or your dying. Mediocrity doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice!

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Get The Inside Track

Maybe you've read my blog posts around the internet (or my book!) and now you're looking for more edge, more ideas, more ways to become outstanding. This is where I share the good stuff! The content here is a little in your face and brutally honest. So, don't sign up if you are not ready to face the truth and explore the real reasons you are where you are with your life and your restaurant. 

  • Guidelines and tips to hire better
  • Get butts in the seats with real marketing tips
  • Craft a killer brand that lets you dominate
  • How to get what you want like a Special Ops Warrior
  • Stop being a manager and become a badass leader
  • Cultivate a culture that attracts talent to work for you
  • Double your profits in 90 days
  • Brainwash your staff (okay, I can't legally teach you that)

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Average has become the new standard. Average restaurants flood and dilute the restaurant industry. Being average just sucks!

I am waging a fight to stop mediocrity in restaurants. Read my 10 Point Manifesto for Outstanding Restaurants and join the fight!


Interviews and Insights from Leading Restaurant Experts

The podcast to get cutting edge tools, techniques, tips and straight talk from the world's leading restaurant insiders. 


Break Free From Average 

Short on time, but still need some inspiration for your restaurant? Subscribe to The Restaurant Coach™ Private Sessions NOW on YouTube!


"Calling Donald just a restaurant coach is like calling Michael Jordan just a basketball player!"

James Pecherski
Restaurant Owner

"Donald has a way to make you stop and think about how you are running your restaurant."

JP Vidales
Restaurant Owner

"Coaching with Donald is like running your restaurant on rocket fuel!"

Shawn Shenefield
Director of Operations

Break Down The Walls

I see the restaurant world heading down a dangerous path. Turnover is out of control and we’ve done it to ourselves by how we treat people. Our industry will die if we keep repelling people from wanting to make a career in it. We place invisible walls by dividing people with imaginary rivalries such as back of the house versus front of the house. Day shift versus night shift. It needs to stop. Remember that you are one team working together. That requires respect, open communication, trust, compassion, and zero tolerance for harassment.

Break down the walls in your restaurant with this free poster. Get your entire team to sign it and post it as a constant reminder that you are One Team. One Family. One House.

Download the FREE Poster.


When You're Ready To Take It To The Limit

The StratMAP

I have studied restaurant success and failures for the last 38-year. The most successful restaurant brands are not lucky. They have a certain order to how they build their brand and culture. I have created a  MAP or Massive Action Plan to get you the same results. 


Join My Mastermind

Successful individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, all met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis, to help one another achieve common goals and grow. Today, this is called a “mastermind”, first coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925.

As the restaurant industry gets more competitive the time is right for Restaurant Masterminds. It's time to break free and get the restaurant you know it can be. 


"Donald helped us reshape our culture through coaching. That has transformed our brand, our team, and our profits to new levels. We now spend more time working on our business and enjoying being restaurant owners."

Todd & Candy Sheets
Owners, Sno’s Seafood & Steak

"Once we worked out our core values with Donald, we used that as a platform to base everything on, from our menu design, hiring policy, and especially our social media which really focused our message, helping us to properly engage with our customers. He helped put together an action plan to tighten our systems and get our staff more productive. Having Donald to bounce ideas off gave us the confidence to take Caravelle to the level we wanted it to be."

Zim Sutton
Chef/Owner, Caravelle, Barcelona, Spain

"Donald's solid, no bullshit advice is everything we needed to kick ourselves and our business into gear. He says the things no one else dares to say and holds you firmly accountable for the ways in which your business is failing, which in the end gives you the power to make things run better than you could ever have imagined. This guy knows his stuff."

David Noble & Pálmar Þór Hlöðversson
Owners, Pallett, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

WAIT! There's More!

Speaker's Page

Nothing can add energy and get people fired up like a dynamic talk. I absolutely love every single day I get to help others break free from mediocrity and reach their potential. My first book is titled: Your Restaurant Sucks! Come on...you don't write a book with that title if you can't back it up! Allow me to make your event outstanding!


Get the book that started the fight against restaurant mediocrity!

They say the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. In my first book, I don't hold back on what is really holding you and your restaurant back. Get ready to embrace what sucks!

The Kindle Edition and the Paperback Edition are NOW available on Amazon!



"One of the Best Books for Restaurant Owners!"

Amazon 5 Star Review
Andrew Carlson

"If you want to succeed in business and in life, then read this book!"

Amazon 5 Star Review
Adam Lamb

"Best Restaurant Operations/Business Book to Date! "

Amazon 5 Star Review
Bradley Toft

"I have a completely new mindset running my kitchen now, it starts with me and the rest will follow. "

Amazon 5 Star Review
Luz Sarahi

"It gives a personal and realistic approach on the demands of the ever changing restaurant industry. Great read and highly recommended!"

Amazon 5 Star Review
Jane Nedanoski

"Great read and education on running a restaurant. I'm in the business and this is as good as it gets. "

Amazon 5 Star Review
Ruffin Rodrigue


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