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It is important to take new action - it is a principle I live by. You’ve been stuck before (we all have). Being stuck just sucks. Many use the “Einstein Effect”, doing the same thing day after day and expecting different results. That's also known as insanity. Tomorrow is a new day and that means new opportunity to do something different. Time for new action!



Hey, you wouldn't even be looking at this if you weren't a little radical. It doesn’t matter what you want to create or pursue. The question is do you have a plan to get it?  I want you to create the life and restaurant of your dreams and see them both come to life. So, I created a training platform and community that is a little outside the “norm”. We are rebels. We must embrace radical thinking to get extraordinary results!




We’ve all made mistakes. We also know that a person is more than their past. Human beings all have strengths and talents that when tapped into become unstoppable. To get more, you have to become more!



You go all out on everything you do...and then some. I am obsessed with excellence (and I bet you are too) and I only aim for outstanding levels of success for all members of this community. 





There are natural laws of life and business. One is if your not growing, you’re dying. Standing still is not an option in today’s market. You have to take control and be committed to growing all areas of your business and your personal life. That means raising the bar to higher levels than you have before. 



Hey, in baseball you can't score a run if you keep your foot planted on first base! You have to move and that requires massive action, looking for opportunities, and seeking change. If you’re tired of the same old bullshit story, time to turn the page.



Let’s face it - Compromise is a sign you’ll see on the road to mediocrity. To reach that rare level of outstanding you know you don’t settle or lower your standards.



The status quo is for losers! Good restaurants flood the market and they are diluting our industry. Good is average and being average just sucks. Great is a nice goal, but why stop there? The only way to truly get it all is to aim for outstanding.



Look, if you are a negative energy vampire or you just simply enjoy spreading hate in the world, then The Restaurant Coach™ Community isn’t for you. You don't have to be in the restaurant industry to join our community...however, you do need to have a drive for results and self-improvement. Come on, deep down you know you're a badass and you belong here.




Our tribe is different and I like it that way - some people simply are not a good fit for my brand. I have a quirky sense of humor - I don't sugar coat things - I drop a few F-Bombs now and then - and I march to the beat of a different drum compared to other restaurant consultants and "coaches". If that bugs you, no hard feelings. But I have to be true to myself. There are plenty of other coaches that will support mediocrity. That's just not me.


If you're content where your restaurant and life are, then good for you. No need to sign up and waste each other's time.

Ready To Take Action?

You've read my manifesto and if you're a no bullshit, I want more, get down to business, talk is cheap kind of person...then it's time to take action and join our community (only 10% will)!

This is where I share the good stuff! The content here is a little in your face and brutally honest. So, don't sign up if you are not ready to face the truth and explore the real reasons you are where you are with your life and your restaurant. 

  • Guidelines and tips to hire better
  • Get butts in the seats with real marketing tips
  • Craft A Killer Brand that lets you dominate
  • Stop competing and stand out
  • How to get what you want like a Special Ops Warrior
  • Stop being a manager and become a Badass Leader


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"Coaching with Donald is like running your restaurant on rocket fuel!"

Shawn Shenefield
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"Calling Donald just a restaurant coach is like calling Michael Jordan just a basketball player!"

James Pecherski
Restaurant Owner

"Donald has a way to make you stop and think about how you are running your restaurant."

JP Vidales
Restaurant Owner

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