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What Job Are You Really Doing?

leadership mastermind mindset operations Dec 17, 2020
Here is the question: Are you doing “the” job or are you doing “your” job?
Many get drawn into working so hard that they forget what their real job and duties are. I have seen this especially with new restaurant openings where people are thrown in to “make it happen” and they have pulled away from their primary job title. 

Doing “whatever it takes” to stay open is noble, however, it keeps you stuck in a hole of just maintaining.
You can’t seem to dig out of the hole and every day you’re just in survival mode. You can do it for a while because we all have had to dig in and get it done. It’s just not a smart plan for long term strategic growth or success.
Without a plan you become a ship floating on the sea without a rudder. You are at the mercy of the currents and winds. Now if those things are moving you towards the shore you might make it.
If not, I think you can figure out your fate.
You have to have a real plan and not “trying to get through”. Survival mode eventually leads to desperation thinking and when you get desperate, you make poor decisions.
Poor decisions beget poor results and now you are on a downward spiral.

You have to have a firm resolution to make a plan and then work at that plan every single day. You can’t miss a day. Excuses breed more excuses. Excuses welcome in mediocrity. 
Mediocrity in your restaurant is like having internal bleeding that will eventually kill your brand.
Don’t think it can't happen to your brand?
What about brands like Howard Johnson’s (1,040 locations), Sambo’s (1,117 locations), Bill Knapp’s (60 locations), Chi-Chi’s (210 locations), Kenny Roger’s Roasters (156 locations), Pup “N” Taco (103 locations), and so many others....gone
Mediocrity and complacency will take down a restaurant.
The greatest human trait is the ability to adapt. The three traits that stop adaptation from happening are ego, pride, and denial

Contrary to popular belief, ignorance is not’s just ignorance.
Break free from average. It all starts with the decision to raise your standards for yourself. What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t be?

This can be a touchy subject, however, it's one you need to address if you want to break free from the cult of average.
Getting the best from yourself and from your team requires new thinking (and new actions).
Remember the words of Albert Einstein, "A problem cannot be solved on the level it was created."
Habitual thinking and habitual patterns keep you where you are. To break free we must do exactly what Morpheus suggests in the classic cult movie The Matrixyou must free your mind.  

What is going on in your restaurant or your personal life that you are tolerating? That question might make you uncomfortable. Good.
Being The Restaurant Coach™ it's my duty to ask questions that make you rethink things. The answer is in the questions we ask. If you want better results, you need to ask better quality questions.
If you habitually ask yourself, "Why does this always happen to me?" 
Your brain will come up with some not so positive responses. Ask a better question like, "What's the opportunity here?" 
So, time to stop talking and start doing. Below is a picture of  "The Tolerance Worksheet". We tend to get dragged down and overwhelmed by things that accumulate over time - and end up cluttering our minds - and our businesses. 

So, make a list of what you're putting up with at your restaurant and see what's cluttering your mind, and slowing you or your business down! 
Examples: Incomplete tasks, frustrations, poor processes and procedures, unresolved issues or problems, other people's or your own behavior, clutter, shoulds, unmet needs, disrespect, poor morale, overdue bills or invoices, outdated design, guilt, exercise/eating/sleep habits, restaurant cleanliness/tidiness, undone filing, indecision, procrastination, lazy staff, etc…
Once you have a piece of paper (and I know you high achievers will do this). Write as many items as you can, then give it a day to think about and go back and add more.
Trust me, it kind of opens the floodgates.

When have a good list, pick ONE toleration and come up with an action you can take TODAY to cross that item off the list.
You will always have some things you need to tolerate because that is just life. 
The goal is to eliminate those things that are REALLY holding you and your restaurant back.

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