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The Best Kept Secret of Restaurant Success

leadership mastermind operations restaurant success summit Jul 15, 2019

The secret can be summed up in just four words: Join a Mastermind Group! 👈🏻

What is a Mastermind Group?

Napoleon Hill is often credited with being the originator of Mastermind Groups, but the truth is Mastermind Groups have been around much longer.

Hill had a straightforward definition:

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.

Ben Franklin is also famous for a Mastermind Group. In 1726, despite working from early morning to late at night in his print shop, Ben Franklin organized a meeting group called The Junto. This group met every Friday evening to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy, and to exchange knowledge of business affairs.

Two questions Franklin asked the group each week were:

“Who is thriving & why?”


“How might they be emulated?”

Wow! These are brilliant questions, even for today!

Look at what is working in another restaurant vertical. Ask yourself why it is working. Then figure out how you might emulate this success in your own business. It might mean updating your menu, adding new services (catering, pick-up, or delivery), or how to train your team to become better at sales and time management

If you are ready to get the restaurant and life you want, it’s time to get off the sidelines, get the resources and the mindset to make it happen!

I am personally inviting you to join my elite group called Restaurant Masterminds! 👈🏻

My business took off when I got asked to be in a high-level mastermind group a couple of years ago. Since then, my business has never been the same. I wrote two books (my first one even won Industry Book and Author of the Year from Nightclub and Bar).

Looking back, I wish I had joined that group ten years earlier! I was hesitant about joining. I had doubts. I tell you, It was the best thing next to getting a business coach back in 2008 that I have done to grow not only myself but my business as well. 🙏🏻

I have been a member of various Mastermind Groups since joining that first one over two years ago – it has allowed me to make introductions and connections it would have just about been impossible to have done any other way. Many of those connections have gone on to become very dear friends and colleagues.

I get it. We all think we have to go it alone running a business and that no one is going to understand my problems. All business problems are people problems in disguise. It’s true. Your restaurant is a reflection of your habits, plain and simple. You work to correct the bad habits of your team, but who helps you fix your bad habits.

Here are some wicked reasons you should join a restaurant mastermind group today...

1) Create Deep and Lasting Connections with Incredible People.

The life of a restaurateur can be lonely – Sharing your dreams, aspirations, and challenges with a group of like-minded individuals makes it a lot less lonely! You will naturally raise your game as you spend more time in the company of these like-minded restaurateurs – plus of course, the average of the five people you spend the most time with will change – for the BETTER! 💥

2) To Challenge Yourself.

A Mastermind Group will challenge you to grow your business to its fullest potential. In day to day business activity, it is easy to get sidetracked and distracted – with a Mastermind Group, you will keep on track. We also give you the tools to become more effective and efficient. 💥

3) Accountability.

At the end of each meeting you will have an action plan, objectives you need to meet before the next meeting – which the Group will hold you accountable for. It takes real discipline to succeed in any endeavor. Being held to account by your mastermind colleagues ensures you maintain the disciplined behavior necessary to succeed in your business. 💥

4) Brainstorming.

Share your ideas and alternatives within your Mastermind Group. If you are not sure what to do next, what direction to go in, the collective power of the Mastermind will kick in and get you back on track! 💥

5) Mastermind Feedback.

Receive feedback from successful individuals on how to solve business issues. Perhaps you have staff issues or financial challenges – let the Mastermind help you resolve them. Remember, in the group, we all have the same goal – to help each other grow their business. There is no hidden agenda – everyone is on the same side. 💥

6) Mastermind Support.

Sometimes business is complicated, and the challenges can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you have a problematic employee or a legal problem – chances are your Mastermind colleagues have experienced the same issue. You will never be short of alternative suggestions on how to overcome issues. Additionally, you will develop deep and meaningful friendships over above all the business help. 💥

7) Mastermind for Focus & Clarity.

Sometimes the day to day activities of running a business can distract us. The Group will keep you on track – just when you are losing focus, the group will remind you of your purpose and why you are in business. 💥

8) Better Decision Making.

It is easy to put off a decision – but with a Mastermind Group, you have your own due-diligence team to give you the confidence you need when making an important decision. 💥

9) Increased Confidence.

Better decision making means greater confidence – greater confidence spreads through your organization and inspires everyone to perform better. You will feel good. You will feel more confident. 💥

10) Creativity.

Looking for new ideas for your business? Have a new idea for your business? Want objective feedback and help with that idea? The group will provide more insights and constructive feedback on your ideas. 💥

11) Increased Profits.

Many restaurants leave money (profits) on the table – the purpose of the group is to help you take full advantage of all the opportunities that surround you and build your business into the huge success it deserves to be. 💥

12) Discover New Business Partners and Cross Promotion.

Collaboration is the name of the game. You may find someone in the group that is a perfect fit to work on a project with you. Or, you may be the ideal person to help another member as well. The group works together collaboratively, to achieve more together. 💥

13) Think Bigger.

You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. Fellow Mastermind members will help you to see the potential you are missing out on. 💥

14) Expand Your Leadership Skills.

Everyone in a mastermind group is unique in skill, experience, and connections. Everyone is expert at something, and as you interact with each other, you will be picking up new skills and talents – all the time, working towards a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. 💥

There is a unique energy that surrounds a group of success-minded individuals – energy that lifts the individual and the group. In a Mastermind Group participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion. 💥

15) Help Others.

It was Zig Ziglar who said: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” You will get great satisfaction from helping other business owners in their businesses.

16) Growth in the Hot Seat.

The principle of a Hot Seat is that you get a chance to present to the group your biggest challenge or issue right now. For starters, this helps you gain clarity on the issue you are facing and what you need help on. The Group, in turn, will provide you with a series of options and opportunities to follow up on and the person in the Hot Seat walks away with lots more ideas and solutions than they could generate on their own. In my experience, especially in bigger groups, not everyone will get an opportunity to Hot Seat every meeting – but even those not in the Hot Seat invariably walk away with new insights and ways of looking at things. 💥

17) New Business Ideas.

On a personal level, I would have to credit the generation of New Business Ideas as one of the most significant benefits of joining a Mastermind Group. These are ideas over and above anything I may have come across when brainstorming – these are entirely new ideas, not even related to my existing business. Just being in the same room as all this superior business brain power has led to some of my best new business ideas. 💥

Business Integrity and Sharing sensitive info in Mastermind Groups

Successful Mastermind Groups are built on trust, integrity, and sharing. Naturally, the format of Mastermind Groups means that you and your fellow members will be sharing sensitive information. It is crucial you understand the importance of holding information in confidence. We have established ground rules for the group that includes confidentiality agreements. What is said within the group remains within the group! 👊🏻

I wanted to create a mastermind group for restaurant owners that want to develop better habits. Those that listen to podcasts, those that read books, those that go to workshops. You’re not alone, and the power of a mastermind is unbelievable. 🙌🏻

So, here is how Restaurant Masterminds works.

It's a three-step process:

Step One: We start September 1st with a 90-Day cycle where we focus on The 7 Driving Forces of Restaurant Success. This sets the foundation.

Step Two: Attend our 2-day LIVE conference in November called The Restaurant Success Summit, where I have pulled together 10 world-class speakers that are going to help me deliver 22 hours of immersion learning in 16 workshops. 👊🏻🎤

Step Three: Another 90-day cycle where we focus on the Strategic Plan you created at The Summit. 💥

I have taken the best elements from the hundreds of workshops and events I have attended and designed this mastermind group to get you all you want.

Not just more profits, better staff, and less stress. I’m talking about having time for what matters and being satisfied with your life. I know it’s a big order to fill and I am confident I will deliver because my obsession is you get you the restaurant and life you want.

You can learn more and reserve your spot at 👈🏻💥

Aim for outstanding because anything less is a waste of your potential.


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