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Burnout is Just Bullsh*t!

leadership mindset Oct 07, 2018
Have you ever felt burned out? Maybe even one step beyond called extra crispy? 
I have in my past. I haven't felt it in the last 8 years even though I work harder, have more brands, and more going on than ever in my life. 
This next statement will cause a lot of mixed emotions. I am here to tell you that burnout is bullshit. You just have lost sight of your your burning desire. Think about what burnout really is. Your fire inside has died. Your passion has left the building. You are going to work and not becoming the work. You have accepted the reality around you as a confinement. You are focused on the negative energy around you and you have allowed that to enter your life and it has put out the fire inside you. 
Are you a victim of circumstances or do you make the circumstances? Yes, you are probably working hard. Maybe too hard. Throwing more work at a problem is often the problem. I can get more done in 5 hours than most people can is 14. It's not that I am special. I just work very very smart. I focus my attention like a laser. I control my state or energy by working out and mediating...every day.
Human potential is unlimited and I truly believe that. Most people have no idea how far they can push themselves. A client said to me that they feel like their plate is full and they asked if ever feel that way. My reply was I once did. I haven't felt that in a very long time. Of course he was curious and said: Really? How is that? 
I told him that I just think bigger. I don't think of my life as limited to the size of a plate. I think more like it's an airfield and I have multiple runways to fill up. In my vision it would take a couple million full plates to fill my airfield. 
You are held to where you are in life and your restaurant by the limits you set for yourself. You have more inside you than you realize and I know you feel it too. You would not be reading a blog post about burnout of you did not experience it. I'm here to tell you that you are thinking too small. You have allowed your inner fire to be put out. So, what are you going to do about it? 
Step one is make a decision to stop it. When you make a real decision there is not other option. The word decision itself come from the Latin word that means to cut off. When you make a decision that's it. I made a decision 10 years ago to become The Restaurant Coach and I have not looked back. 
We all go through tough times.
We all get depressed sometimes.
We all have doubt that creeps into our mind.
Everyone has issues and inner demons they must do battle with.
The question is do you allow those emotions to control you or do you control them?
You cannot stop emotions from coming up.
You can control your behavior and actions. 
Burnout is created by unmet expectations. That causes fear to appear. That invites excuses to show up at your door. Excuses are based on fear. Burnout is just an excuse you are looking for to explain why you are not getting the results you wanted. Again, unmet expectations. 
So, what is it you fear? If you refuse to face your fears and conquer them, they will run your life to dark places. Face your fears.
Be honest. What is it you are afraid of?
You are the only one who can answer that question. 
Now, to rekindle that fire inside you need to spark it back into life. Knowing your why, your purpose, what drives you is the source of that fire!
What are you Core Values?
What is important to you?
Who are you deep inside?
What is your mission?
What lights you up?
What makes your heart sing?
The answers to those questions are the key to relighting the fire within you.

Here's the beauty of it all...of you had that fire once, you can find a way to light it again. Whatever you are doing now is not working so try something else. If that doesn't work, try something else. You keep making adjustments until you get the results you want. Burnout is just a word that we have certain story or definition about. Don't buy into the story.

Dare to change the words you use. Are you really just a little run down and need to recharge? Words have power both good and bad. Replace those words that take away your power and replace them with words that pack an emotional punch. Connect with your core values because those words are your light when the darkness comes. 

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