The #1 Mastermind Group in the World JUST for Restaurant Owners

Ready to start making more while working less IN your restaurant? Then you're in the right place.

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The #1 Mastermind Group in the World JUST for Restaurant Owners

Ready to start making more while working less IN your restaurant? Then you're in the right place.



The experts say that 60% of new restaurants fail within the first year. And nearly 80% will shut their doors before their fifth anniversary.

The odds don’t get better with the years either…only 5% of restaurant make it pass the 10 year mark! 

How can you increase your odds to not only survive, but to thrive?

Have a damn great plan!


Enough is enough!

You don’t need to go back to the information overload buffet.

What you need is the EXACT opposite of everything you’ve tried in the past.

In fact, there are three steps to get in the fast lane to building your brandstrengthening your team, and increasing your profits in this new economy.


Step #1: Sign up for my elite group called Restaurant Masterminds™. The group starts off with a 10-week bootcamp to get your restaurant ready for massive success!

I’ll lay down a crystal clear action plan you need to grow your brand from this pandemic. That leads to Step #2


Step #2: We have (2) 60 minutes weekly video conference calls: Monday is education and Thursday is Q&A with members. This is your chance to ask for help with issues that apply to your restaurant! You'll get honest input and solutions from myself and the mastermind group. All calls are recorded and added to your private members area so you can rewatch or just catch up if you miss a call.

Which brings to to Step #3.


Step #3: Implement the customized plan you receive from each weekly call. You will have assignments and tasks that must be accomplished before the next mastermind call.

This time you'll have the power of the mastermind group to overcome challenges or sticking points you will encounter. 

Who is Restaurant Masterminds For?

I’ve built Restaurant Masterminds for…

The independent restaurant owner that knows deep down that their restaurant can become better. They also know that in order to reach their potential they need a solid plan and an accountability coach to help them achieve their goals.

Have you ever felt...



You feel overwhelmed inside of your business and life and don’t have clarity, focus and understand of what to do next (or in the next 12 months)



You feel like you need a guide across all areas and pillars of your life and business, not just the next “hack” or “tactic” to pay the bills. You want tools that build long-term success.



You want to be part of a Community of Restauranteurs who see Entrepreneurship as a way of life and that don’t believe that business has to be built from sacrificing your life for your restauarant.



You want to be able to have a business that is successful, scalable, profitable, that creates and experience for your guests, along with it creating results (and profit) for you in your life.



You're working hard to get ahead and it just feels like you're on a giant hamster wheel. people tell you that you need to work more "ON" your business and less "IN"your business, but how do you do that when you're so busy working the restaurant? 

Let Me Help You Get You The Restaurant You WANT!

Hi, I'm Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™. I have spent 40 years in this industry as a restaurant owner, executive chef with Wolfgang Puck, and a consultant/coach to billion-dollar brands, celebrity chefs, and mom-n-pop restaurant owners around the globe. 

In 2012, I was like many business owners, I felt like my brand had plateaued and I wasn't sure how to break free from just "doing the same thing" to get to the next level. A good friend of mine, Bruce Irving (from Smart Pizza Marketing) suggested I join a mastermind group. It changed my entire business and my brand really exploded....

After 13 years as The Restaurant Coach™ and from working with over 2400 independent restaurants, I know what works and I want to share it with you.

I know how to help independent restaurant owners, chefs, motivator restauranteurs, and driven restaurant leaders on how to make more without burning out, losing themselves, losing those important relationships around them… I’m here to help you build success in all areas by helping you get your restaurant “right” first.

Meet Donald

Get The Tools & Coaching You Need To Build A Successful Restaurant


The Four Things You MUST Have To Grow Your Restaurant

The Right Information

Real-world tools and resources that you're going to find easy to use. They have been battle tested with over 2400 independent restaurants.

Coaching & Mentorship

Even the best have a coach, so now it's your turn to experience the power of coaching.

Strategy & Frameworks

Proven frameworks and strategies from 42 years in the restaurant industry. I made the mistakes so you don't have to.

Community & Connection

Connect with like minded restauranteurs from around the globe (23 countries and growing). Ask questions and get answers from your peers.

The Right Information 

With the ever-growing pool of content out there for restaurateurs, it can be overwhelming to know what information you need and when.

That's why my programs have been designed specifically with restauranteurs in mind – giving them not only access to a library of tools & resources but also guidance as they take their businesses from one level to another by selecting what comes next.

From marketing strategies, sales tactics, and finance advice through operations tutorials or menu design tips; I provide all that along with challenges plus motivational workshops & courses, so nothing is left behind!

Here’s just a few of the programs you get access to…


24/7/365 access to my private online training library

27 Courses and growing! You get access to new workshops that are released each month to help you in specific areas of your business.

These workshops are designed to allow you to help you implement new strategies and tactics in your restaurant in less than a day. Instead of teaching you something for 8 hours, it’s all about implementing and being able to have something new that you’ve implemented inside of your restaurant.

Coaching and Accountability

A mastermind group is the ultimate “growth hack” towards getting the restaurant you’re looking for…

Restaurant Masterminds has THE MOST COACHING EACH WEEK!  It includes group coaching and LIVE Q&A sessions from Donald personally. It's 10+ sessions per month to get coached and mentored in scaling, marketing, operations, sales, menu design, culture, mindset, and profitability.

Donald has personally worked with over 2400 independent restaurants from around the world (3 counties and growing) and is always improving the program to give you a competitive edge. 

You Get Two Group Coaching Sessions EACH Week, PLUS Bonus Training Sessions Twice a Month...That's 10 Hours Each Month with The Restaurant Coach™!


Strategy and Frameworks

The right information, coaching & mentorship will bring you far in the growth of your restaurant; however, what I’ve found is even more powerful is...

Having Strategies & Frameworks that have been proven to work.

While I'm a massive believer in having “your own plan” and ensuring that you’re in alignment inside of your business, the truth is this…

Having a framework, no matter if it’s for your finances… hiring a team… building your marketing campaigns… and then pairing it with a strategy that works for you.

It’s a complete game changer and condenses the amount of time needed for growth while increasing the momentum in your life & business.

In Restaurant Masterminds, I have frameworks, methods, and strategies that are mapped based on your type of business, revenue, desired result, and current growth stage of  your business.


Community & Connection

Being lonely as an Entrepreneur is unfortunately normal. We believe that this can be completely changed, allowing you to feel connected in your journey.

Modern Business Academy creates a place of community, allowing for you to connect with other Entrepreneurs like you, while also being able to be inspired and motivated by those a step, or two ahead of you.

On a weekly basis we host a variety of virtual events centered around connection and being able to meet others in your own local communities, while building friendships and masterminding with other likeminded Entrepreneurs. 

We believe that you don’t need to pay $50,000 to be in a community of likeminded, motivated and inspiring Entrepreneurs that feel like family :).

See what members are saying about Restaurant Masterminds…

Tony Simmons

Restaurant Masterminds was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Donald and the other members have provided real-world and actionable solutions for me. Specifically, the advice for creating (and revising) our Core Values, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and in particular, Guest Check Averages, have made an immense difference and helped increase our revenue and profitability. I recommend Restaurant Masterminds to any business that wants to succeed.

Phil Ly

The value provided by Donald and everyone in the Restaurant Masterminds group is phenomenal. Since I’ve joined the group, my thinking and the way I go about my business have been challenged and changed for the better. If you’re serious about doing the work and growing your restaurant, this group is for you.

Vicki Cisneros

"Restaurant owners think that because they know hospitality, that is all they need to be successful. In reality, knowing their numbers is critical to longevity in this industry. I wish I had met this Mastermind group about thirty years ago. It would have saved me a lot of day-to-day mistakes that were costly to my bottom line. I am grateful for the coaching, mentorship, and opportunities that Donald has provided, and the strides I have made since becoming part of the group." 

Al Silverspoon

Joining Restaurant Masterminds™ was a no brainer as it will give me the opportunity to see the whole picture: menu design, marketing, branding, strategy, and how to build a kick-ass operation. This for me, is like getting my Ph.D. in leadership with the best coach in the world, Donald Burns!

Brian Nittayo

Donald is the Tony Robbins of the restaurant industry. Besides sharing a wealth of restaurant knowledge he inspires personal growth. Self improvement will change your restaurant. After owning Rose City Pizza for 12 years, I can finally embrace the vision of growing the brand and living the life I’ve always wanted with Restaurant Masterminds.

Lisa Gasparian

Turn your culture from ordinary to extraordinary with everything from Coach Donald Burns! His Restaurant masterminds Group has shifted all gears to more productive thinking and enhanced optimization of teamwork.”

What You Get Inside of the Restaurant Masterminds

This is an opportunity you can’t miss

This is for restauranteurs ready to take their restaurant to the next level.

We know that building the foundations of a business brand that doesn't suck the life out of you is important.

And I'm dedicated to building it with you.

Restaurant Masterminds Includes…


We are the ONLY restaurant mastermind group that meets TWICE A WEEK via Zoom!

You can start to build your brand, strengthen your team, and increase your profits!

What You Get With Memberships...

  • The Restaurant Masterminds Toolkit (9 workshops following my TRC Method) - value $8,900
  • TWO Weekly Mastermind Group Calls - value $42,000
  • 24/7 Access to The Restaurant Coach University: 27 online workshops (and growing) with downloadable materials and videos. Great for team training!! - value $6,500
  • Private Group Text App (network and ask questions seven days a week!) -value $3,200
  • Access to RestaurantTRAC  over 400 templates, spreadsheets, and downloads) -value 3,500
  • Access to Restaurant Masterminds Call Archives - over 200 hours of coaching and tools. -value $20,400
  • Access 8 Week Restaurant Growth Challenge. Get the fast track to implementing key elements of my TRC Method in your restaurant! - value $1997
  • Access to The 5-Day Profit Challenge. Learn tools and strategies to 2X your profits with NEW frameworks to amplify my TRC Method Framework. -value $2997


  • (1) Ticket: Restaurant Owner Bootcamp (a two-day workshop) - value $997
  • (1) Ticket: The Restaurant Success Summit (3-days, six speakers, 18 workshops) -value $2500


Get Started TODAY! You might want to join before your competition does…

This Mastermind Group is Limited to Restaurant Owners ONLY! 



Best Deal

You can join Restaurant Masterminds locked in at a yearly rate of $8,160 (three payments)

I highly recommend that you invest, go all in, and commit for a solid year. This is for those Restauranteurs that know what they want and are the ones that have the highest degree of success.

Save 20%…and you are locked in at this rate.




Most Popular

Or you can join Restaurant Masterminds for 12 monthly payments of $850.00.

It’s just as good as the pay-in-full version; however, you’ll pay almost $2,040 more 🙂



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Restaurant Masterminds™ program has a FREE 14-day trial. If it's not the best personal and professional development program you've ever been through, simply cancel your membership before the end of the 30-day trial and no charge will be applied.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your restaurant. 

What Members and Experts Say...

Make More While Working Less With Clarity, Focus, and Support.

I’ve built Restaurant Masterminds to combine everything you need to scale your independent restaurant to the next level and provide clarity, focus, and the tools to grow a business that allows you to start making more while working less IN your restaurant.