Meet DB

Donald Burns


Donald is The Restaurant Coach™, named to the list of Definitive Restaurant Experts and one of 23 Hospitality Experts to Follow on Twitter.  He is the leading international trainer, speaker, author, and coach on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming outstanding. Over the last 14 years, he has personally coached over 2800 independent restaurants to unlock the secret to making more while working less in their restaurants. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

He is a sought-after advisor in the areas of: leadership, branding, social media marketing, culture, operations, restaurateur mindset, team development, behavioral dynamics, productivity & peak performance.

Books by Donald:

Savage Restaurant Success: A Modern-Day Code For Restaurateurs To Thrive In Life And Business (2023)

The Restaurant Coach Playbook: 365 Inside Tips To Keep You At The Top Of Your Game (2023)

Your Restaurant Culture Sucks: Stop Surviving. Start thriving. Escape mediocrity (2022)

Outstanding Mindset: How to Set Yourself and Your Restaurant Up for Success Each Day! (2019)

Your Restaurant STILL Sucks! Stop playing small. Get what you want. Become a badass. (2019)

Your Restaurant Sucks! Embrace The Suck. Unleash Your Restaurant. Become Outstanding. (2017)*

*Winner: 2019 Industry Book & Author of the Year by Bar & Restaurant Expo (formerly Nightclub & Bar Show)

Six Books are Amazon Best Sellers.

A former USAF Pararescueman (PJ), he has the unique skills to break restaurants free from average and skyrocket them to peak performance. He works with independent restaurants that want to build their brand, strengthen their team, and increase their profits to maximize their restaurant's potential without sacrificing their life to their business.

Donald is the founder & CEO of Off The Range Ventures, LLC, a behavioral strength based company, that works exclusively in the hospitality industry. Through online courses/programs, workshops, seminars, and a coaching business model,  Off The Range Ventures, LLC creates solution-based brands for the restaurant industry. He has 44 years of experience in the restaurant industry as a restaurant owner, consultant, and executive chef for Wolfgang Puck. 

He is an industry expert for Foodable TVToast Restaurant Management Blog, In Credibly Small Business Blog, BevSpot, HotSchedules, Nightclub & Bar, Typsy, and Modern Restaurant Management. He is the host of The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcasts.

 Email: [email protected]