Will You Stay Stuck As Another Broke and Broken Restaurant Owner OR Will You Rise To Be Restaurant Warrior?





It's Time to Stop Accepting 'Okay' as Your Damn Destiny!


Listen up – One of the BIGGEST struggles with restaurant owners is working SO hard for your restaurant but losing everything else in your life.

Your restaurant becomes this monster that consumes you. It’s like falling in quicksand. What happens when most people fall in quicksand? They kick and scream and fight like hell thinking that will save them. And all it does is let them sink deeper and deeper into the pit until…you can’t breathe. Until you can’t move. Until you can’t even think straight. Because you’re in over your head…and deep down, you know it.

Do you even remember who the FUCK you were before your restaurant got its hooks into you? I get it. You started this restaurant as a way to provide freedom, to provide for your family, and to get the lifestyle that you dreamed about.

But instead, you’re SO stuck on the hamster wheel of working IN your restaurant that EVERYTHING has taken a back seat. Take a look in the mirror. You probably look like shit because you eat like shit. You haven’t worked out in a decade, because you’re too busy working the restaurant. Your family thinks of you as a stranger. And your bank account is more broke than the US government.

I know this because that was ME when I had my first restaurant. And then someone reached out to me and showed me that there was a better way. And I would say that it didn’t just change my life… it saved my life.

Enter Warrior Restaurants. Our mission? To obliterate that pathetic gap. We're here to make damn sure you're not just winning at work but crushing it in every damn aspect of your life – Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

Time to stop playing small. Let's do this.


Do You CHOOSE to Be a WARRIOR or Stay Stuck Where You Are?

This Is Your Opportunity to Join the Ranks of 2800+ Independent Restaurants Who Have Been Transformed by my TRC Method™ + The Warriors Way.

This isn't f*cking theory, these are the weapons that modern restaurateurs MUST have to thrive!



Donald Burns: The Raw Truth of a Restaurant Warrior

Let’s cut the crap. I dove into my first restaurant with a head full of dreams and a gut full of lies. Experience in the trenches? Sure, but I was an arrogant fool to think that was enough to build an empire. My pride was a wrecking ball—smashing my health, wrecking my marriage, and nearly costing me the love of my daughter.

I thought I could muscle through with bloodshot eyes and caffeine-fueled nights. Newsflash: You can't out-hustle a life spiraling out of control. I was the guy with a quick joke and a fake smile, nursing a vodka-lemonade in my water bottle, thinking I had it all under wraps. But my life was a house of cards on a windy day.

Then reality slapped me hard. It took a regular—a guy who’d seen success and smelled my desperation from a mile away—to throw me a bone. He offered me a shot at redemption through brutal, unfiltered truths I didn’t want to hear. My restaurant was a joke, and I was the punchline.

So, I gambled on change. I took the coaching, swallowed my damn pride, and it turned my world right side up. A year later? Forty pounds down, marriage on the mend, my daughter’s eyes lit up again, and my business? It didn’t just grow—it freaking exploded. And the drugs? Tossed them in the trash where they belonged.

That’s what coaching did for me. That’s what I’m offering you.

So here’s the deal—I’m not your cheerleader. I’m the guy who's going to drag you through the mud to victory. If you’re ready to overhaul your restaurant and reignite your life, then I’m your huckleberry. This isn’t just business—it’s war. And in war, we fight for every inch of ground.

Let’s get real. Let’s get raw. And let’s get you those big-ass results. Your empire awaits.

Are you ready to claim it?

Your Coach & Warrior Trainer,

Donald Burns

The Restaurant Coach™ & Founder of Warrior Restaurants


What to Expect When You Join  Warrior Restaurants... The Path of Progress

A Proven Path To Having It All!

Embark on the "Path of Progress" with Warrior Restaurants, a relentless march toward industry domination, where you wield the power of The Warrior's Way and my signature TRC Method™ with precision and audacity.

1. Basecamp: Basecamp is where you equip yourself with the arsenal of success. Here, the foundation of The Warrior's Way melds with principles, theories, and frameworks that are your blueprint for massive, long-term success. It's where restaurant moguls are forged, where the groundwork is laid for an empire that will echo through the annals of the restaurant business.

2. Learn: Dive into the Learn phase, where the Core 4 becomes more than a philosophy—it becomes your edge. Body, being, balance, and business: these are the pillars that will elevate you from the crowded field of contenders to the rarefied air of restaurant royalty. Here, you're not just absorbing information; you're arming yourself to the teeth with it.

3. Launch: The Launch phase is where strategy is catalyzed into action. Unleash the combined might of the Warrior App and the TRC Method™ to not just enter the market, but to explode into it. This phase is your forge, where accountability tools and strategic insights are your hammer and anvil, shaping the future of your business with every strike.

4. Live: Step into the Live phase, the battleground where plans become reality. Weekly group coaching, targeted Q&A sessions, and personalized 1:1 calls are your war council, plotting each maneuver in the relentless campaign that is the restaurant business. Here, your strategies are not just planned; they are enacted with a general's eye and a warrior's heart.

5. Leverage: Ascend to the Leverage phase, where your skills are honed to a razor's edge. Advanced Skills Workshops, alongside exclusive retreats to Cabo San Lucas, refine your techniques in meditation, goal setting, and time management. These are the elite training drills for your mind and spirit, ensuring you're as formidable in the boardroom as you are in the kitchen.

6. Lead: And at the zenith, the Lead phase is where you become the standard-bearer for the industry. What you've mastered now becomes your mandate to inspire, to guide, and to command. Lead your teams, your guests, and your competition using the battle-tested frameworks of Warrior Restaurants, forging ahead with programs designed to scale your enterprise... warrior style.

The "Path of Progress" isn't just a journey; it's a crusade for those brave enough to answer the call to arms. It's for the defiant, the disruptors, the dynasts in the making. This is Warrior Restaurants, where your destiny isn't written in the margins—it's etched at the very heart of the restaurant business, with the indelible ink of The Warrior's Way and the TRC Method™.



  • Are you a relentless restaurateur, a culinary creator, a hospitality visionary?
  • Are you the type of leader who thrives on success, who lives for the rush of a Saturday night fully booked, the thrill of a perfectly executed service?
  • Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through industry stats, or obsessing over the latest trends, desperate to find that edge that sets you apart?
  • Do you often feel alone at the top, struggling to find peers who understand the pressure and the passion that comes with running a restaurant?
  • Do you keep your true struggles a secret, whether it’s the financial tightrope, the personal sacrifices, or the endless pursuit of perfection?
  • Do you need a strategy to navigate the chaos after a brutal shift or an unforgiving review, something more substantial than the fleeting solace of a late-night drink?
  • Do you find yourself using any excuse to drive the business, even if it’s at the expense of your health, your relationships, or your sanity?
  • Have you ever felt like your restaurant is controlling you, rather than the other way around – with every decision, every crisis, every victory consuming your life?
  • Do you feel like you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor without the restaurant’s success defining your happiness?
  • Are your family and personal relationships straining under the weight of your commitment to your restaurant's success?
  • Is your health and well-being taking a backseat to late nights, skipped meals, and stress-fueled adrenaline?
  • Have you tried all the traditional business coaches and programs out there, only to find they don’t understand the unique challenges of the restaurant industry?
  • Do you despise the cookie-cutter advice that doesn’t take into account the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into your passion?
  • Are you finally ready to stop going through the motions, to stop feeling like you’re on a culinary conveyor belt, and to actively reclaim control over every aspect of your life?

If you're nodding along, feeling the fire of recognition with each question, then Warrior Restaurants is the beacon you've been searching for.

Ready to Stop Being a Damn Spectator in Your Own Life?

It's time to unleash the beast you were always meant to be and set the world ablaze! No more waiting, no more excuses.

The clock’s ticking and it’s high time you stepped up.
Today's the day you stop playing small. Let's tear this up – right freaking NOW!