PEAK Private Coaching

Elite Private Coaching Program.  

This is for those that want it all and demand the best in life. In The Summit Club we focus on your restaurant and team. In the PEAK Private Coaching Program, it's all about YOU!

Many members of this program are already at the top of their game and are looking for even more. Restaurant Executives (C-Suite), Restaurant Group Owners, and top Culinary Professionals find the intense one-on-one work comparable to how they are wired to excel.

Through my years I have found there are common threads to reach PEAK levels. I am going to share with you those tools, techniques, and insights to put you on a path like never before. We are going to shake up the matrix and push past high achiever status to mastery. I can warn you now that during this program you will want to quit. Don't. It's when you have reached that tipping point that breakthrough and growth are nearby.

There are 4 modules we will explore in this program. Each is a building block that works in synergy with the next. It took me 37 years to uncover this sequence and for the first time I am sharing it in this program. The rate at which you complete each module depends on you. The PEAK program has 4 levels. Your resume speaks for itself and it has taken you to your current level. Now we dig in for the real work.

Each module has 10 key topics. Each topic will be mastered before moving into the next. This program is for those that truly want more from themselves. No bullshit here. We are going all in and I will not progress you in the program until you have proven you have mastered the keys contained in each topic. You will have homework and exercises to do. You won't pass until you prove it. Sound harsh? Yes. Being at the PEAK is harsh and few make it. That's why I am going along as your coach.

This program includes:

-   All Access Pass to RCU

-  Access to Restaurant Masterminds

-  All PEAK Coaching Modules

-  Access to my private project management tool where I share exclusive content not found on The Restaurant Coach™ University.

Bi-Weekly coaching calls with me personally

-  Access to me by email, text, and phone 7 days a week

-  The PEAK Monthly Success Crate: filled with cool swag like t-shirts, hats, stickers, posters and wristbands to show the world your commitment to becoming outstanding. Plus, a book selected by me that we will focus on each month!

-  A signed hardcover edition of my book: Your Restaurant Sucks! Embrace the suck. Unleash your restaurant. Become outstanding. *The hardcover version is an exclusive to members of The Restaurant Coach™ University

-  Quarterly Immersion Coaching Trips

-  PEAK Breakthrough Session: Get rid of limiting beliefs and breakthrough to your true potential

- Personalized Coaching Plan

PEAK Coaching Modules

Peak Performance - we start here to examine 10 keys that will unlock a new level of peak performance for you. Keys: Commitment, Willpower, Grit, Presence, Mindful Breathing, The Three S's, Adversity, Visualization, Front Sight Focus, LevelUP!™ System 2.0

Leadership - next we unlock the keys to PEAK Leadership. Keys: Self-Leadership, Why, Core Values, Master Vision, Process Mapping, Extreme Ownership, Emotional Intelligence, Charisma, Appreciation, Leadership Math

Meditation - yes. Meditation is a common thread among all PEAK Leaders. Here we are going to fine tune the mind to become detached from those things that hold most back...your thoughts. Keys: Purpose, The Habit Trap, Procrastination, Breathing, Tools to Maintain, Priming, Practice

Movement - here you will harness the power of movement to dig into energy reserves you may not know existed. Keys: Anti-Gravity, Motivation Theory, Triggers, Micro-Movements, The Power of Walking, Intensity, Targets, Challenge Manifesto

PEAK Quarterly Immersion Trips

Each quarter we will meet one on one in a location to really dig deep and work on refining skills you've learned through the modules. We will also tap into expert advice from other world class PEAK Performers.

Each trip is 3-4 days and while we will be working on practical applications of the tools, techniques, and concepts taught during the coaching modules we will also stretch beyond our comfort zones.

San Diego - have you ever had the chance to work side-by-side with a Navy SEAL? These men are infamous for the mental focus they are conditioned to maintain in combat. You'll learn the same techniques that you can apply to your life. We'll also go cage diving with Great White Sharks and enjoy some Southern Californian Cuisine.

Miami - what does it take to run 5 world class restaurants? See first-hand by hanging with a world class chef that has built a restaurant empire of over $100M. We'll explore the culinary diversity of the Miami scene and go speed boat racing off of South Beach.

Chicago - explore the world of the food critic and what they look for when reviewing a restaurant. We'll tag along to their favorite food spots, track down Capone, and also go for a ride in an Indy Racing Car.

Las Vegas - protecting your assets is critical to our long-term goal of success at every level. While here you will have a chance to talk with an expert in wealth and tax protection. We'll explore the world of high profile chefs and shoot off a few rounds with some exotic weapons.

San Francisco - The City by the Bay is well known for its culinary talent, not so much for the Neuroscience research that is happening there as well. We'll explore both. Plus, you'll get thrown off a bridge in an extreme bungee adventure.

My Home in Arizona - some trips you will be a guest at my house in southern Arizona. We will dive deep into the building blocks of the PEAK Program and push through to some breakthroughs. Plan on a focused on diet and exercise.  We might even go skydiving.



“Your own self-limiting beliefs are what hold you back from achieving greatness.  A coach expects more from you than you expect from yourself.  Donald Burns is a coach that will tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it, give you a different perspective, and hold you accountable to push past mediocrity and excuses.”

Chef Peter Sclafani, Author “Seasons of Louisiana", Owner of Celebrate Hospitality Group and co-founder of Ruffino’s Restaurants


“Calling Donald just a restaurant coach is like calling Michael Jordan just a basketball player!”

James Pecherski, Owner, Casa Taco


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