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I work with independent restaurants that want to build their brand, strengthen their team, and increase their profits so they can maximize their potential, without sacrificing their life to their business.

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Embrace The Suck Blog

If your restaurant or life is not 100% the way you want it, then you have to admit that it just might suck a little. Time to face the truth, cowboy up, and embrace what sucks in order to get what you truly desire.

"Once we worked out our core values with Donald, we used that as a platform to base everything on, from our menu design, hiring policy, and especially our social media which really focused our message, helping us to properly engage with our customers. He helped put together an action plan to tighten our systems and get our staff more productive. Donald gave us the confidence to take Caravelle to the level we wanted it to be."

Zim Sutton
Chef/Owner, Caravelle, Barcelona, Spain

"Donald's solid, no bullshit advice is everything we needed to kick ourselves and our business into gear. He says the things no one else dares to say and holds you firmly accountable for the ways in which your business is failing, which in the end gives you the power to make things run better than you could ever have imagined. This guy knows his stuff."

David Noble & Pálmar Þór Hlöðversson
Owners, Pallett, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

"Donald helped us reshape our culture through coaching. That has transformed our brand, our team, and our profits to new levels. We now spend more time working on our business and enjoying being restaurant owners."

Todd & Candy Sheets
Owners, Sno’s Seafood & Steak

"Donald calls it as he sees it. He's not afraid to call you out on your BS but he does it with integrity, class, and gets you to reach your full potential. He won't accept anything less. He's one of a kind and has a passion for building better restaurants. Don't be one of the restaurants that suck and risk being put on the chopping block - stand out from your competitors by reading this book! You need to listen to this guy!"

Andrew Carlson
Speaker, Restaurant Consultant, Author of "Customer Service is the Bottom Line”

"Finding Donald was literally the best thing that could have happened to us and our restaurant, we were in a desperate situation not knowing why sales had dropped down, the atmosphere had faded away and the excitement we had at the beginning was just a memory. We started working through the roadmap to success that Donald designed and within 2 months we started seeing amazing changes, the culture was defined, the concept and communication aligned, the team was motivated and sales were increasing!! We now have a plan and what’s better we have clarity on how to achieve it. I won’t ever have enough words to thank Donald for saving our investment and for showing us the path to being a successful restaurant. Thank YOU!!!"

Andres M. Cardona
Owner, Instinto Gastrobar, Bogota, Colombia

Running a Restaurant Shouldn't be a Struggle

I've been where you are.

I have been a restaurant owner and I can tell you that I know first hand the challenges running an independent restaurant can have (especially if you are trying to grow your brand). I was fortunate to find a mentor before there was such a thing as a "restaurant coach". That mentor shared with me a roadmap to build a strong brand and business. Allow me to show you that same path to win the restaurant game. Get your seat at the first restaurant conference to combine education + strategic planning + mastermind group accountability. The Restaurant Success Summit™!


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Meet The Restaurant Coach™

Donald Burns is The Restaurant Coach™, named one of The Top 50 Restaurant Experts to Follow and one of 23 Inspiring Hospitality Experts to Follow on Twitter. A restaurant consultant for a $4.2-billion-dollar company. He is the leading authority, speaker, and international coach on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming outstanding. A former USAF Pararescueman (PJ), restaurant owner, and Executive Chef with Wolfgang Puck, he has unique skills to break restaurants free from average and skyrocket them to peak performance.


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