More Money. Less Stress

Most restaurant owners work so hard for so little.

Imagine a life where you have more money in the bank, work fewer hours IN your restaurant, and have time for things that matter to you...

You deserve a restaurant that doesn't own you!


Do You Feel Your Restaurant Is Running You?

Do You Ever Feel...

  • Stressed About Money
  • Anxious About Business
  • You're Arguing More With Your Spouse About The Restaurant
  • You're Losing Valuable Time With Family & Friends

You're not alone. 80% of restaurant owners have these same feelings.

There is a better way.

Restaurant success isn't rocket science, it's people science. 

I'm a former restaurant owner, executive chef with Wolfgang Puck, and consultant that created a system that will allow you to...

Check out what members say...

Donald's strategies helped me get out of my own way and thrive!

-Vicky Cisneros, Owner, Los Vaqueros 

Don’t think twice. Donald and his coaching programs are the real deal.

-Patrick Mescall, Owner, Torrance Tavern & New Hall Refinery

Thanks to Donald, I got the confidence to get the restaurant I knew it could be.

- Zim Sutton, Owner, Caravelle

Coaching Is The Cure:

Most restaurants are stuck in survival mode, living the P&L roller coaster. Spending more time at work because they think that will solve the problems. Living in a constant state of stress, overwhelm, and unsure about the future.

You deserve to have the restaurant you want without sacrificing your life for your business!

Follow A Simple 3-Step Roadmap To Making MORE While Working LESS



Running a restaurant can feel like being on a giant hamster wheel.

It's a constant struggle to keep things moving, and it can be easy to miss important life events because you're glued to the restaurant.

I want to show you the keys to breaking free from this cycle and creating a restaurant that runs itself. These are the same tools I've used to coach over 2400 independent restaurants. With these frameworks in place, you can finally take vacations with your family and enjoy your life without worry.

Imagine making 18% profit or higher year after year. That's what's possible when you have the right mindset in place. And I'm here to get you started. Right now, you can grab FREE access to my 3 Frames to Thrive Series. These are the same frameworks that I teach all of my private coaching clients, and they're guaranteed to help you transform your business.

Don't miss this opportunity to change your life for the better.

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Let Me Help You Get You The Restaurant You WANT!


Hi, I'm Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™. I have spent 40 years in this industry as a restaurant owner, executive chef with Wolfgang Puck, and a consultant/coach to billion-dollar brands, celebrity chefs, and mom-n-pop restaurant owners around the globe. 

But, I always remember that first restaurant I started...

OMG, I made SO many mistakes when I opened my first restaurant. I thought that running a restaurant and building a profitable brand was the same. I was SO wrong!

Then I found a business coach who helped me build my brand, strengthen my team, and showed me how to run a profitable business.

Those early lessons became the guiding principles that I still teach my clients today!

Allow me to spare you a lot of the pain, stress, and anxiety that I experienced when I was a restaurant owner.

Let me to show you the exact steps to make more while working less IN your restaurant...


Why I created an Integrated Hybrid Coaching Suite...

I’ve built all of The Restaurant Coach™ programs that combine the very best in adult learning theories to provide you with the tools and resources you need to take your restaurant to the next level. I'll provide the clarity, focus, and support to build a restaurant that doesn't run your life. If you are tired of working so hard and sacrificing your personal life for your restaurant, then we need to talk...

I don't fix restaurant problems...I fix the mindset that created the problem in the first place. Once you fix that the problems seem to fix themselves.

Donald Burns

Did you know I have a few books that can get you started?

It's true! My first book: Your Restaurant Sucks! won the 2019 Industry Book & Author of the Year Award at The Nightclub & Bar Show.

It is also an international Amazon Best Seller along with my second Book: Your Restaurant STILL Sucks!

I also have a booklet for restaurant owners that want to learn how to set each day up for success called: Outstanding Mindset.

My third book: Your Restaurant Culture Sucks! is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

What coaching can do for you...

We love working with Donald. Our food costs have dropped by over 10%, labor costs are coming down and our training is so much better. We highly recommend working Donald Burns!

-Matt & Stephanie Dunken, Owners, Slam Dunk Pizza 

Donald helped us reshape our culture through coaching. That has transformed our brand, our team, and our profits to new levels. We now spend more time working ON our business and enjoying being restaurant owners while living most of the year in Florida.

-Todd & Candy Sheets, Owners, Sno's Seafood & Steak

Before finding Donald Burns, I was losing my passion for my business and feeling lost. Donald has helped me to focus my energy and lead my business to success with his incredible program!


- Dina Stuehler, Owner, Ironworks Creperie

STOP Letting Your Restaurant Own You!

Your restaurant has become a nightmare. You started this entrepreneurial journey thinking it would lead to more freedom. Instead, it turned on you and placed you in handcuffs. Your restaurant has become a trap that sucks you in deeper and deeper, like quicksand. The more you fight the deeper more you sink.

Sales are up and down, turnover is high, and profits are slim. You're stuck. You try. You throw more hours into the restaurant trying desperately to solve a problem with the solutions you know. You are focused on the wrong things that build a successful brand and a profitable restaurant. You're playing checkers when you need to be playing chess.

Then those inner voices start to come and play you a visit, saying things like, "You're over your head." Then self-doubt rises inside you. You know you should be working 'on your business', you're just not sure how with as busy as you are.

You ought to be able to make a comfortable living and have a life owning your restaurant. You deserve to thrive and not just survive. You're working your ass off with little to show. Perhaps, you feel like you're failing and letting down those you care about.

It's time to become the hero your family needs.


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