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Let's be honest that running a restaurant is not easy. Without the right tools and support your chances to survive are not good. I created TRC Vault as an online portal where restaurants can get started with foundational tools and the support they need to stop their restaurant from running them. 

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LIVE Training

Jump on weekly live training sessions every week to get new tools to grow your restaurant. Learn how to create a brand that will get your life back. Imagine making more and still having time for the things that's possible with the right tools and coaching.


Create NEW habits and earn points for exclusive training, coaching, swag, books, and tickets to LIVE events! This is a great way to create new habits and build the discipline required to have a restaurant that doesn't run you. 

Online Community

Chat online with restaurant professionals from around the world, 24/7. Ask questions about trends and what other see going on in the world of restaurants. All restaurant problems are people problems. TRC Vault gives you the tools to fix those people problems.

Expert's Corner

Reach out to industry experts that have been invited to be a part of TRC Vault. Ask questions about: menus, culinary, operations, marketing, HR, strategic planning, motivation, culture, and profitabilty.

The Restaurant Coach™ Unlocks a New Era for Restaurateurs! Introducing: TRC Vault

Get set for an unparalleled experience! Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™, brings to you a groundbreaking platform - TRC Vault - that's designed to catapult your restaurant to success.

TRC Vault is more than just a community - it's a hub of insights, connections, and the collective wisdom of the restaurant industry worldwide.

Face exclusive challenges that grow your skills, create new habits, and build your discipline.  Engage and grow while unlocking exclusive training courses by earning points!

Experience the power of the global restaurant community. Our “Global Meet-Ups” give you a chance to share stories, swap secrets, and forge new alliances with fellow restaurateurs. Be part of a collective that's always ready to collaborate and innovate.

Stuck on a problem? Turn to the “Ask Experts Corner” for expert advice from the best in the business. Our “24/7 Community Chat” is your round-the-clock helpline to peers who share your struggles and your passion.

Inside the TRC Vault, you'll find:

  • Exclusive Challenges
  • Points-to-Unlock Training Courses
  • Global Meet-Ups
  • Ask Experts Corner
  • 24/7 Community Chat'll always be the first to discover fresh trends, technologies, and tactics to stay ahead in the restaurant game.

Learn & Earn Challenges

The TRC Vault is not just an online community, it's an educational and collaborative hub designed for restaurant entrepreneurs like yourself. The points-to-unlock system ensures that every bit of effort you put into the community gets rewarded, and the more you invest in it, the more you get out of it.

Now, let's delve a bit deeper into this. Participation is key to learning and this system is specifically designed to encourage active involvement in our community. The idea is simple: the more you interact, participate, and contribute, the more points you earn. These points can then be used to access an array of cutting-edge training courses, swag, books, audio programs, and even ticket to LIVE events...all designed to take your restaurant to the next level.


Not only do you get all the perks of being a part of TRC also get immediate access to two courses from The Restaurant Coach University!

TRC Nation Training Sessions has 9 workshops to give your restaurant the edge.

The Pizza Summit Sessions will give you another 4 hours of training to get you on the fast track!

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