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An outstanding restaurant is one you design. You don't compete, you dominate. You don't just have guests, you have raving fans. You don't have a checklist, you have a strategic plan. You run your restaurant, it doesn't run you.

Next Bootcamp is April 8-9, 2024 in Scottsdale, AZ


2-Day In-person LIVE Event

The Restaurant owner Bootcamp is a LIVE in-person event in Scottsdale, Arizona. The training is conducted in a classroom-style setup with a break for lunch. 

Community Support

Network and connect with other Bootcamp members (past and present) to get solutions outside of the classroom. 

Training Materials

You'll get access to manuals, checklists, toolkits, ebooks and other materials that will help you plot and plan your success.

This is not a workshop, this is an interactive learning experience for restaurant owners ONLY!

This is a 2-day intensive experience where I am going to walk you through The 8 Driving Forces of Restaurant SuccessThis is accelerated learning so you can truly break free from where your restaurant is now!

Restaurant Owner Bootcamp Modules

Force One - Have a FlexMAP

A FlexMAP or Flexible-Massive Action Plan considers 9-key factors: Culture, Strategy, Marketing, Revenue, Staff, Menu, Training, Systems, and Personal Growth. You need to constantly monitor these 9-keys to stay ahead of market changes before they are too late.

Force Two - Strategic Change Theory

Change is mandatory; growth is optional. Too many operators get stuck in habits that no longer serve their business. You have to be willing to open your mind to a new way of running your business. The industry changes so quickly that if you think you know it all and do not need to change, you'll soon find yourself in the same situation as the once-famous Howard Johnsons chain...out of business.

Force Three - Effective Marketing Tactics

What do guests get from you, and what do they get from your competitor? This is the essence of the customer experience, and it’s what differentiates your restaurant. The better you are at shaping that experience, the greater your reach—and your profits. Effective marketing today is not just a want; it's a requirement.

Force Four - Train for Sales Performance

80% of your sales come from 20% of your team.

In business, sometimes you have to re-think your approaches—even those that have been successful—to create even more significant results. This is especially true if you understand that your restaurant is a sales platform to sell your menu and services. So force #4 of The 8 Driving Forces of Restaurant Success is to improve your sales process.  Even if you’re in the midst of your busy season, it’s essential to constantly optimize your sales and the performance of your sales team (which are your servers and bartenders).

Force Five- Mine Your POS for Data

When business isn’t going according to plan, and your brain keeps telling you “nothing is working,” it can feel like you are a million miles away from where you want to be. But the truth is, you’re only 2mm away. This is true even if you are performing above your standards because there is always another level. And to break through, it comes down to the little things because it’s those tiny little habits that add up — a week from now, a month from now, a year from now — to make a profound difference.

Force Six- Optimize Your Operations

While strategic innovation is imperative, so too is a keen attention to the small details that will determine your profit or loss levels. Your ability to measure these key indicators and continuously make the proper adjustments will assess your levels of success as you grow your brand. Again, this is about knowing the tangible markers of progress, having systems in place to monitor these performance indicators daily, and taking corrective action as needed. Following these three precepts will enable you to provide a solid framework for growing your restaurant.

Force Seven- Turn Guests & Staff Into Brand Fanatics

The core strategy behind any outstanding restaurant, any brand that indeed dwarfs their competition and creates massive guest loyalty, is to anticipate and meet your guest's (and staff's) needs in a way that no one else is.

Force Eight - Mindset & Habits

We live in a hyper-competitive world, and yet. At the same time, great systems and strategies can provide tremendous advantages, and the ultimate advantage is still the psychology and skills of the business owner or leader. Your restaurant is a reflection of your mindset and habits. Is cash flow the problem? Is more competition truly limiting your growth? Is there no way to break into a new market? Are there no good people out there to hire? Reframing your obstacle as an opportunity can provide you with endless possibilities for growth.


Tools Flash Drive

You walk away with a flash drive loaded with 749 templates, forms, checklists, training manuals, and PDFs that you can start using to make more while working less IN your restaurant. 

BONUS: Signed copy of Your Restaurant Sucks Trilogy Boxset!


I think that the biggest factor in long-term restaurant success is culture! All business problems are people problems and these three hard-cover books will give you the edge you must have over your competition.


Meet Your Coach

Donald Burns

Donald is The Restaurant Coach™, named to the list of Definitive Restaurant Experts and one of 23 Hospitality Experts to Follow on Twitter He is the leading international trainer, speaker, author, and coach on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming outstanding. His first book Your Restaurant Sucks! and his second book: Your Restaurant STILL Sucks! are both international and Amazon best sellers.

"The ultimate restaurant coach." - Foodable Network

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