The Restaurant Success Summit is NOT just a conference…it’s the 90-day kick in the a** program you need to get the restaurant you want!

3- Day Conference + 90-Day Mastermind Coaching + 5 Online Workshops… It's the path to finally getting the restaurant you want. 

This is the annual conference for my Restaurant Masterminds Group. It comes with a 90-day strategic coaching plan so you can get traction, the support you need, and the restaurant you want!


18 workshops. 8 speakers. 3 days.

90-day plan + Mastermind Group Calls (2 per week) + Access to my online learning library!

October 23-26, 2023

Tucson, Arizona


What is The Restaurant Success Summit™? Watch this to get a sneak peek...



You don’t need another checklist.

You don’t need another piece of software (that requires a degree from MIT to use).

You don’t need another webinar with no follow-up plan.

Listen, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on traveling, attending workshops and seminars at food expos. You get some great ideas and then when you get back to your restaurant you drop the ball and don't implement. Why?


Enough is enough!

You don’t need to go back to the information overload buffet.

What you need is the EXACT opposite of everything you’ve tried in the past.

In fact, there are three steps to get in the fast lane to building your brand, strengthening your team, and increasing your profits.


Step #1: This event will sell out so save your seat now before you miss out. You'll get some preliminary conference workbooks to go through so when you hit the conference you are ready to rock-n-roll 

That leads up to Step #2


Step #2: Attend The Restaurant Success Summit™ October 24-26, 2022 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is our annual event where 50 high-achievers like yourself get together for 3-Days (a total of 24 Hours) of immersed education with world-class industry experts (each one hand-picked by myself for the specific knowledge they have).

This brings us to Step #3.


Step #3: Get on the bi-weekly mastermind group coaching calls to start implementing the 90-day strategic plan. Unlike other conferences that get you hyped up and let let you figure it out on your own.. This time you'll have the power of the mastermind group to overcome challenges or sticking points you will encounter. 



✔️ INCREASE your restaurant’s growth 30-100% in the next year while working less so that your family will finally be proud of all those long hours you worked and sacrifices you made.

✔️ GROW your social media impact and influence faster than ever, learn how to become a marketing freak, and dominate the competition.

✔️ UNCOVER hidden profit centers in your restaurant's P&L so you can achieve financial freedom, take vacations, and get the things you’ve always wanted.

 ✔️ GET the most cutting edge culture-creating tools, marketing, brand-building tactics, and game-changing strategies that are working NOW to drive restaurants to massive profits so that you can deploy them in your business.

✔️ BECOME the leader you know you can be so you can guide your team to record profits, have massive impact in their lives and in your community — you can finally earn the recognition you deserve.

✔️ DISCOVER a better way, a faster way — and a simpler way — to achieve success rather than trying to “grind & hustle” your way to the top so you can leave the constant stress and uncontrollable late night anxiety attacks behind.

✔️ RISE above and leave behind the competition, becoming the ONE and ONLY option for your guests that become loyal because of the next-level service and hospitality that only your team can deliver.

✔️ ADOPT the mindset, habits, and persistence of Navy SEALs and USAF Pararescuemen (the world’s most disciplined and productive special operations teams) so that you never, EVER take the easy way out again and feel guilty that you are not living up to your full potential.

✔️ LEARN the EXACT step-by-step Restaurant Masterminds™ Framework to10X your potential and build unstoppable momentum for growth, profits, and a sustainable business.

✔️ LEAVE behind all of your excuses, worries, irrational fears, and frustrations because — with the accountability of your mastermind group beside you — your restaurant will finally start to become the way you envisioned as you put this new-found fuel on your fire.

✔️ NEVER think small again…never be held back by naysayers…never get taken prisoner by renegade employees with bad attitudes…never give in, never give up, and never quit on your hopes and dreams.

✔️ FEEL more alive and better prepared than you have ever felt in your life…more assured that success is inevitable...more connected to the world’s best restaurant experts and the infinite source of power they hold.


So, if you’re ready to…

- Finally become massively successful with your restaurant and career…

- Finally buy back your time and start living life on your own terms…

- Stop working so much and start enjoying the perks of being a true leader…

Then you absolutely, positively cannot miss the opportunity to join Restaurant Masterminds™.

WARNING: You will NOT experience the power of The Restaurant Success Summit "via a live stream." The recordings are only available for attendees. You've got to be there to get the real benefits...

The VIP roundtables will not be recorded…the 7-figure conversations held by the pool will not be repeated…the life-changing one-liners from our top speakers will not leave the room…

If you are not in the room this fall, you will not get the fast-track blueprint to getting the restaurant (or life) you want. PERIOD.



On the first day of The Restaurant Success Summit™, you will be seated with fellow attendees in your niche so we can target your specific challenges and opportunities.

You will be given a pre-event survey that tells us exactly where your restaurant is NOW, so we can develop the recipe and path YOU need to reach your next breakthrough.

Plus, you’ll network with the future leaders of your industry who will be seated right beside you.

Remember: the value of the conference is discovering what you KNOW deep down you need to do. Then having accountability support to do it!

That way, you don’t fall into the 90% who quit simply because they don’t know where to start.

Instead, you’ll carry that momentum home and turn it into real, transformative ACTION.


Listen, here’s the deal. I have hundreds of thousands of listeners of The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast, readers of my blog posts and books…and people have been asking if I can bring together the BEST restaurant experts on the planet to speak at one event. Some wanted me to make this one of those BizConPalooza’s with a couple thousand people in the audience.

I am NOT going to do it.

Instead, I don’t plan on selling a lot of tickets.

In fact, I’ve decided to make this an exclusive, small event and limit it to only 50 SERIOUS RESTAURANT OWNERS/OPERATORS ONLY and 30 of those seats are for members of my elite group called Restaurant Masterminds™!!

That way I make sure you get hands-on access and customized advice for YOUR restaurant…and that can’t happen when attendees are herded into the event like cattle and then shuffled to different rooms trying to pick and choose which workshop to attend.


I'm keeping it intimate…not generic.

I'm keeping it limited…not overexposed.

I'm keeping it practical…not fluffy.

I'm keeping it NO BS…just jam-packed with content.

Because I wished someone had done this for me when I was taking my restaurants to the next level.

You will get time with the speakers.

You will get a chance to have your questions heard — and answered.

You will do the life-changing work that will set you on the path to market domination.

You will lay the foundation for your brand's growth and generating profits.

But only if you’re one of the few that secures a seat in the room.

And so, my friend, that is why this event is going to sell out fast. And since this is the ONLY ONE I hold this year, I don’t suggest that you procrastinate or make excuses for missing this.

Remember my favorite saying is: When would NOW be a good time?


The Restaurant Success is more than a 3-Day Conference it also was created to give you the tools you need to take the information from The Restaurant Success Summit and get RESULTS!

3-Days of LIVE Workshops

There are 18 workshops is designed specifically for independent restaurant owners or operators who want to take their businesses to the next level.

We've gathered eight of the world's top industry experts to share their insights on how to improve your mindset, leadership, digital game, local marketing, brand building, SMS marketing, menu design, pricing strategy, and time management.

You'll walk away from this summit with a clear plan of action for taking your restaurant business to new heights.

90-Day Membership to Restaurant Masterminds

This is my #1 Group Accountability Coaching Program that includes two weekly calls! 

Monday is educational, and Thursday is pure Q&A.

You also get 24/7 support through our private text channel with other members worldwide. 

Membership also includes access to our call library with over 100 hours of coaching gold nuggets.

The KnowY Workshop

Are you tired of being average? Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, making the same old profits month after month, year after year? If so, it's time to make a change. It's time to create a culture that will separate you from the rest.

The KnowY Workshop is designed to help you do just that. We'll guide you through the process of discovering your core values and how they can be used to create a great culture within your business. You'll learn how to attract and retain top talent, how to motivate your team, and how to make more money while working less.

Don't settle for mediocrity any longer. Take your business to the next level with The KnowY Workshop.

The Hire Attitude Workshop

If you're like most restaurant owners and operators, hiring is a major concern. The good news is that Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach, is here to help. In this workshop, he'll share the 7-step framework to finally win the hiring game.

You'll learn how to identify the key characteristics of successful employees, where to find the best candidates, and how to properly screen and interview them. You'll also discover the importance of on-the-job training and performance reviews and how to retain your top talent.

With Donald's guidance, you'll have everything you need to build a winning team that will help take your restaurant to the next level.

The Restaurant Success Series

We all know that the restaurant business is tough. There's a lot of competition, and it's hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you want to be successful in this business, you have to get back to basics. And that's what The Restaurant Success Series is all about.

In this four-part workshop series, we'll discuss the restauranteur mindset, menu design, food cost, and modern-day marketing. We'll also talk about some of the most common mistakes that restaurants make, and how to avoid them.

If you're serious about making your restaurant a success, then this series is for you. Get back to basics with The Restaurant Success Series!

Outstanding Mindset PDF & Audiobook

Are you struggling to find time to get everything done? Do you feel like you're constantly running behind and can never catch up? If so, you're not alone. Time management is one of the biggest challenges that restaurant owners and operators face.

This starts with how you set your day up for success. I wrote this booklet to help my coaching clients set each day up for massive success and that starts with your mindset!

In Outstanding Mindset, you'll learn:

How to start your day off right so you can be productive, organized, and stress-free

The importance of setting priorities and how to do it effectively

How to create a positive mindset that will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the day

By implementing the strategies in this booklet, you'll be able to take control of your time and finally get ahead!

The 3 Frames to Thrive Series

If you're like most restaurateurs, you want your business to thrive. But sometimes, it can feel like you're just treading water, trying to keep your head above the never-ending sea of challenges and changes in the restaurant industry.

The good news is that there is a path to thriving in the restaurant business. And I should know because I've helped thousands of restaurants achieve sustained success over the last 13 years.

There are three key frameworks that all successful restaurants share. And during this 6-hour workshop series, I'm going to reveal what those frameworks are and how you can use them to transform your restaurant.

This isn't some theoretical course where you just sit and listen to me talk. This is a highly interactive experience where you'll have a chance to work on your own business and get feedback and guidance from me and other successful restaurateurs.

This series is for you if you're ready to take your restaurant to the next level. Join me, and let's start thriving together!

BONUS: Signed copy of Your Restaurant Culture Sucks!


I think that the biggest factor in long-term restaurant success is culture! All business problems are people problems and this 331-page book will show you the steps you MUST take to get your culture on the right track.


You will be sent a questionnaire and access to some pre-conference workshops.




"I believe that you really are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so the fact I get to attend the Restaurant Success Summit™ with other like-minded high performers and mastermind is solid gold! Donald Burns has put something together that I think will be truly special that provides support, accountability, and will help me get on track and stay on track with where I want my business to go!"

Bobby Shaw
President, Bobby Shaw Consulting

"Attending The Restaurant Success Summit™️ was a no brainer as it will give me the opportunity to see the whole picture: menu design, marketing, branding, strategy, and how to build a kick-ass operation. This for me, is like getting my Ph.D. in leadership with the best coach in the world, Donald Burns!"

Al Silverspoon
Consultant, Silverspoon Miami

"We are definitely looking forward to attending The Restaurant Success Summit. Donald Burns is a legend in the industry and has already provided us with invaluable advice for growing our business. With his counseling, we have built our brand, strengthened our team, and created a world-class culture & mindset. We’ve seen Donald present numerous times in the region, have read his book, worked with him on restaurant coaching, and still want more! Full immersion baby! Looking forward to it. "

Julie & Tony Simmons
Owners, Pagosa Brewing & Grill

"Whenever Donald holds a workshop or training event, we pack our bags and attend. You don't want to miss this guy train!"

Matt & Stephanie Dunken
Owners, Slam Dunk Pizza


FAIR WARNING: This event sells out FAST, so grab your spot now before your competition does!


  • Access to all 18 LIVE workshops (24 hours of education) at The Restaurant Success Summit™ = $5,346 value
  • 3 month membership to Restaurant Masterminds™ (with bi-weekly meetings) = $1,500 value
  • The KnowY Workshop = $297 value
  • The Hire Attitude Workshop $297 value
  • The 3 Frames to Thrive Series Workshop (includes 3 extra bonus workshops) = $497 value
  • The Restaurant Success Series = $297 value 
  • Outstanding Mindset PDF + Audiobook + Workshop = $97 value
  • BONUS: Signed Copy of Your Restaurant Culture Sucks

Total Value = $8,331

Grab your seat for $1000


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Restaurant Masterminds™ program has a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If it's not the best personal and professional development program you've ever been through, ask for your money back and receive a complete no-hassle refund.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your restaurant. 




Each speaker has been personally selected for their ability to bring tools to help your restaurant (and yourself) GROW 10X!



From dishwasher, to Special Operations Pararescueman, to chef, to restaurant owner, to coach! Donald is The Restaurant Coach™. The leader authority on getting the restaurant and life you want without sacrificing your life to your business. His main question is: Do you run your restaurant or does it run you?

Many restaurant owners, managers, and chefs feel like their restaurant runs them. They throw more hours into work thinking that they can outwork the problems. That is totally wrong. The answer isn’t more hours, it focusing on the right things in the right order. Donald known for his best-selling books are available on Amazon and his popular The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, Player FM, and Google Podcasts.



Bruce Irving is a marketing strategist, speaker, and founder of Irving Media Group LLC. The entrepreneur found fame as the voice and host of the Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast and the Local Business Podcast.

Smart Pizza Marketing interviews the leading minds of the pizza restaurant industry. Irving, a top marketing consultant and former pizzeria owner, also hosts PizzaTV's Marketing Insights livestream program, which streams at 8 p.m. (ET) every Tuesday on Facebook.


Carl Orsbourn

Carl is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Book, Delivering The Ditigal. He is a global retail executive and board member whose experience spans across blue-chip companies (BP-owned ampm), disruptive start-up ventures (Juicer PricingKitchen United), and restaurants (Alfa Co). Carl has been recognized as a Power Player by Nations Restaurant News and Business Insider for his thought leadership in supporting restaurants to adapt to the challenges and opportunities offered through digitization, technology, and automation.

Carl is a sought-after speaker at events across the world. He hosts 'The Monday Minute’ podcast and appears as a guest at many others. He is a frequent contributor to Forbes, Nations Restaurant News, and



Chef James Avery is a leader in the food & beverage business.  He has nearly 2 decades of hospitality experience and has opened or revamped over a dozen restaurants, serving as Executive Chef for many.   CJA is a full-service hospitality consultant that works with clients from high volume multi-unit brands to independent casual mom and pop's.  Within his two decades of experience, James has developed systems and practices that will empower professionals and brands to unlock their potential in hospitality through service-based approach. Chef Avery was the Sous Chef for the blue kitchen in Hell's Kitchen, on seasons 11 to 14. 



Yigal is on a mission to guide business leaders to make more, stress less, and have more time doing what they love.
Since the age of 15, Yigal has been studying and practicing leadership. He is well aware of what it takes to run a business handling the speed bumps, excuses, stresses, and how to run teams. At the age of 22 he ran a Retail/Service business with his brother that sold over $50 million in 15 years.

His vast experience as a business leader and his immense knowledge inspired him to pursue his passion of motivating and guiding other aspiring entrepreneurs, pave their way to success. After selling out his business share, Yigal went on to become a leadership expert and professional speaker and has trained a numerous number of employees and business owners in their professional business career. His varied businesses have provided real life experiences in the trenches, achieving success in going from broke musician to selling over 8 figures in his business endeavors, managing hundreds of employees, raising a family, and having fun in the process.



Bo is "The Restaurant Giant", a global restaurant growth and food chain expert. He is author of four books on restaurant menus, marketing, and profitability including: The Modern Day Spartan, On the Menu: The Art & Science of Profit, and Whisper Marketing. 

His approach to business is much the same as it is in life... there is an art but there is also a science.  Design is all around us and extracting from one medium and laying over another is what he does best. Design change is even more important!  The question is why we do the things we do and what would they look like if we did them differently? 


Niko Kiouftis

Niko launched 21 virtual ghost kitchens but realized he was only reaching our local customers. He wanted to go beyond that and reach existing and potential customers who were further afield.

In 2020 he created CG Meals (CaliGrill Meal Prep).  shipped their first order, then their second, and pretty soon, they were shipped a couple of thousand orders a week!, The brand is active in 50 States.

Niko says, "It’s been an amazing experience and has shifted our business model." 

Niko will share some of his most innovative ideas and strategies for staying out in front of the competition.


Zack Oates

Zack is an author, husband, father, entrepreneur, and hot tub aficionado (but not in that order, necessarily). 

He was voted Top 100 Entrepreneurs, rang the NASDAQ bell, won the world’s biggest business competition, and started 3 companies. 

After going on over 1,000 dates, he finally met his wife and wrote a book called “Dating Never Works…Until it Does,” which has 100 lessons from 1,000 dates. 

He received his MBA from BYU and did customer experience consulting for fortune 100 companies. He took his dating and customer experience consulting to start his current venture: Ovation. Ovation is The Actionable Guest Feedback Tool for restaurants and retailers where he serves as the Founder and CEO

He speaks and does guest posts focusing on customer experience with sub-topics of customer communication, online reviews, innovation, text marketing, building relationships with customers/employees, and personal improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is my elite group of high achievers who want more for their restaurant and themselves. This is for restaurant leaders that refuse to settle. Those that defy complacency. Those that reject mediocrity! Those that want it all. I will give you the step-by-step strategic plan to get it all so you can get the restaurant you want! 

Your 3-month membership includes bi-weekly group video conference calls that follow our foundational 90-day format to set your restaurant up for long-term success. We follow the event with a customized 90-day Strategic Plan for you and your restaurant. You also get full access to my private training library with 29 courses and over 300+ hours of training materials. 

The Restaurant Success Summit™ is the annual conference for Restaurant Masterminds™. It's critical that you attend in person to get the most from your mastermind membership. You'll want the immersion experience of the workshops, plus you can network with other mastermind members in person and that is one of the benefits of this group.

Before you arrive at The Restaurant Success Summit you will be sent a detailed questionnaire that must be completed in order to get an action plan that is customized to you and your restaurant. Failure to complete the questionnaire will result in you getting a generic plan that has little chance of maximizing your results. You have do some work on your end to get the big rewards.

The home-base for the conference is Scottsdale, Arizona, famous for its panoramic views, amazing weather and amazing food scene. The event will be held at a private mansion in North Scottsdale. Many attendees get an AirBnB or a hotel in that area. 

Planning these events along with catering, room size etc. is an arduous task, which is why if you can’t attend, you can transfer your ticket to the following year's event or someone else.

Business casual is always a safe bet. It is the desert, so the nights can become slightly cool. We plan on having a cocktail reception poolside each night. 

We learn best when placed in an immersion environment. Learning at a workshop is no different. We actually took this learning theory from the master himself, Tony Robbins. His live events are notorious for going 12-16 hours each day. We didn’t want to go that extreme and yet we wanted to keep the schedule tight and jam packed to keep you in learning mode each day.

Reach out to me directly - donald (at) and let me know you’d be interested in finding out about sponsorship opportunities. We have a pretty sweet deal. 


Give yourself the opportunity to network and learn from world-class speakers and remarkable mastermind members. 

The Restaurant Success Summit™

Scottsdale, Arizona
October 24-26, 2022

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