Don't call 911, get The Restaurant Coach™!

This is a consulting & coaching immersion experience! The Restaurant Intervention™️ is the solution to get rapid results and jumpstart your business on the fast track to getting the restaurant you want.



While at your restaurant we will have a solid working plan to helping you break through any barriers holding you and your restaurant back! This is a total results focused, interactive, intensive, coaching experience. This is me working hands on with you and your team! We will set three clear defined goals (outcomes) and will work to make them happen in 7 days!

Culinary, beverage, operations, catering....whatever areas you want to focus on is where we attack!

This is not for those that think they should make some changes. This is for people who must make changes. No bullshit here. I will be there to break you free from the habits that have been holding you down and suffocating your restaurant! We will work 7 days straight for 12 hours each day to get you on the right track! 

Now, I am NOT going to go medieval on you like some reality TV show Chef or Consultant. I am going to challenge you more than you might have been in the past. Just remember that you can’t reach the next level for your restaurant being the same person you are now. Restaurant change requires personal change. This a 7-Day Restaurant Bootcamp!


Take The Restaurant CheckUP

The Restaurant CheckUP will quickly identify what condition your restaurant is right now as far as culture, branding, and operations. It's critical to have a clear picture of where you are not in order to create an effective plan.

Complete a 1:1 Intake Call

After you take The Restaurant CheckUP, I review it and then we can schedule a 1:1 intake call, where I will gather the information needed to determine if we can work together. The acceptance rate for this program is only 25%. That being said, you should apply if you really are serious about turning your restaurant around and being open to new ideas.  

Schedule Your Intervention Week

Once you are accepted into the program it moves rather quickly because time is of the essence. We will set the precise agenda and what our three targets are during my week with you and your team. Then we get it on the calendar and get started. Action plan outline and pre-work within three days of acceptance. After my visit and intervention, you get three months of support coaching from me to make sure the things we put in place stay in place. 

The Restaurant Intervention™ is $10K + travel expenses. 


The Restaurant Intervention™

If you truly want to make rapid changes to your restaurant NOW, then this is the program for you. I will give you all of my knowledge and resources available to get you turned around within a week!

"Your restaurant is a reflection of your habits."

Donald Burns
The Restaurant Coach™

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