ProScan® Behavioral Survey

Personality Predicts Performance

The biggest mistake most restaurants make is poor selection when hiring. There are only three questions the employer really has to answer during the selection process: Firstly, do they have the right skills and experience? Secondly, do they have the required enthusiasm and motivation? Finally, are they going to fit in, in terms of their personality, attitude and general work style?

Personality has a significant role to play in providing answers to the second and third of these questions. In most working situations it’s the personality of the team and managers that affect the day-to-day success of a restaurant. If the team doesn't work well together or a manager can’t motivate their staff, then productivity and quality of service will suffer.

Behavioral Surveys are a tool that helps improve interaction. Understanding your behavioral matrix helps us understand ourselves. That allows us to communicate and build better teams.

ProScan® isn't all new. In fact it has a long and proud history. Originally designed in the mid 1980's, the process has been refined with over 5 million surveys conducted. It is used by esteemed organizations such as the major governmental agencies, manufacturers, banks, hospitals, insurance companies, law firms, banks, retailers, hotels, restaurants and others around the world. 

What makes ProScan® different is that it isn't just an assessment tool – it matches people to specific jobs. You can use this site to match a candidate for a specific job role. For example, if you need a new Manager, ProScan© will tell you how likely it is you are hiring someone who will best fit the Manager role and what their strengths are.

ProScan® uses the four cornerstone behavioral traits. The traits are well recognized in psychology and confusingly, will be referred to under different names by different organizations, but the names all refer to the same thing. These traits tell us how people behave and how they are likely to behave. It will tell you how you behave.

Dominance: The take charge trait

Extroversion: The people trait

Pace: The patience trait

Conformity: The systems trait

These elements are then reported across five different sections:

- Basic Natural Self – the way a person would function if there were no outside pressures for adjustment.
- Priority Environment – adjustments to circumstances, people and/or matters of importance.
- Predictor/outward self – how you will predictability come across to others.
- Operation styles – your natural style for daily interaction including communication and leadership styles.
- Motivation – what tends to motivate/demotivate the person taking the survey.


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