The Inner Circle Club

Online Workshops & 24/7 Courses.

Do you want more from yourself and your restaurant? 

Remember that knowledge is not power, it’s only potential power. You need to do something with that and apply it to your life and your restaurant.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” –Jim Rohn

To further your growth and potential I have created The Inner Circle as a 24/7 toolkit that you can access as needed to sharpen your skills, get to the top of your game and stay there! Trust me when I say that getting to the top is relatively easy, staying at the top is the challenge. I learned priceless lessons working with Wolfgang Puck and other industry thought leaders.

Imagine a place where you could have on-demand access to online courses and monthly webinars that will allow you to progress faster than going it alone. Membership in my Inner Circle Club is that place.

For a small monthly membership fee, you get access to my online learning library. This is the good stuff! Learn on demand with online access 24/7. Everything is mobile compatible, so there are no excuses for you to not improve yourself. Winners are always pushing towards that rare space called Outstanding! You already took a big step by getting this booklet, now commit to taking the next step in your transformational journey.

Here’s what you get access to:

  • Members Only Webinars Replays
  • The Limitless Series
  • The 10X Profit Series
  • The LevelUP! System - Peak Performance Program
  • Restaurant Coach University Downloads - eBooks & resources to give you the edge
  • A new course added every quarter.
  • Monthly live Inner Circle Club Conference Call (Zoom)
  • Access to the Inner Circle Club Private Facebook Group



“Donald really understands the hospitality landscape. As a Chef for a large food supplier, I often look to The Restaurant Coach™ to keep me on trend, find inspiration and to continue my own personal development”

Tim Maness, Shamrock Foods, Corporate Chef Colorado


“Donald has a way to make you stop and think about how you are running your restaurant.”

Juan Pablo Vidales, Owner, Michin Kitchen


"Donald calls it as he sees it. He's not afraid to call you out on your BS but he does it with integrity, class, and gets you to reach your full potential. He won't accept anything less. He's one of a kind and has a passion for building better restaurants. Don't be one of the restaurants that suck and risk being put on the chopping block - stand out from your competitors by reading this book! You need to listen to this guy!"

Andrew Carlson, Speaker, Restaurant Consultant, & Author of "Customer Service is the Bottom Line”



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