The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™

Having a clear path and direction can save you the painful lessons that the real world will dish out. In my 38-years in the restaurant industry, I have dedicated myself to helping restaurant break free from mediocrity and get the restaurant and life they want. 

Along the way, I have taken notes to the patterns that the most outstanding restaurants in the world have in common. I put it together for you in The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™

The 90-Day Roadmap was created to get you from good, to great, to outstanding...while doubling profits. No bullshit. These are the same steps that get restaurants to the outstanding level of success and keep them there. 

Foundation Phase

Here you'll build a badass core for your brand:

The ProScan® Behavioral Survey is an assessment tool used by over 5 million people to understand their natural strengths. The report has been shown to have a 96% accuracy rate and will tell you how you best communicate, handle stress, take on projects, deal with people, and how to increase your effectiveness as a leader. ($425 value)

The CoreValU™ Workshop is my 5 lesson online course that will show you how to identify your real core values, creating core values for your brand, how to get team buy in on values, and how to use your core values in your restaurant and life. ($297 value)

The Whydentity Workshop will take you down the the rabbit hole to uncover the drivers that motivate you, your team and that attract your guests to your establishment. You will rediscover or maybe even uncover for the first time your purpose for your brand's existence. ($297 value)

Frame Phase

Now it's time to build solid systems for long term success:

The Restaurant Culture Cure™ is a seven part series that identifies the elements of a toxic culture and how to stop it from growing in your restaurant. You'll understand the keys to cultivating and nurturing a learning and accountability culture. ($297 value)

The Hire Attitude™ Course will take you through my 7 Core Principles that will transform your turnover and how you attract talent to your restaurant. This 8-video course will teach you the tactics to win the war for talent in your market. ($297 value)

The 4 Step Effective Marketing Plan will walk you through a proven way to build a plan that will separate your restaurant from the rest in your market. You'll learn how to tap into the 13 Emotions of Marketing, the hierarchy of social media posts, how to leverage your social media impact, and we'll explore the new direction of marketing is heading with chatbots. ($297 value)

Function Phase

In the final phase it's all about maximizing profits and people! 

The Extreme Menu Makeover Course will break down the elements of menu design, menu psychology, menu size, typography, mining data, menu engineering, market positioning, menu price theory, menu jedi mind tricks to increase sales, and how to have a successful menu rollout in 12-videos. ($297 value)

The Moneyball for Restaurants Course takes you deep inside the world of POS data and how those reports you stare at everyday actually say a lot more under the surface. I'll show you how to break free from traditional thinking to the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that are really building bottom lines in the industry. ($297 value)

Business Balance is the last course in The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ and it circles back to pull together the elements of  the ProScan® Behavioral Survey, only this time it is applied to your team and how to build a high performance team around you and your strengths in order to keep you brand in the outstanding level. People are the core of what drives outstanding restaurants. Once you have this final puzzle piece in place, you'll become unstoppable. ($997 value)

The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ is for restaurant owners and managers who want to improve their business and who are willing to put the effort in. This is NOT for Whiners – it is for individuals who are serious about growing their business and who have the discipline to follow through.

At the end of every phase you will have a personal coaching call with me ($1,275 value) to make sure you are staying on track and on task. My mission is to get you from good, to great, to outstanding while increasing your profits and not sacrificing your life to your business. You just have to make the commitment to start now!