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It starts with a decision to become your best and to get the restaurant and life you want. No more BS. No more playing small. We're going to set you up for success from the start. It begins with LIVE kickoff of Restaurant Masterminds™ SEPTEMBER 1ST! You'll get three months of prework in before our annual event called The Restaurant Success Summit in November. This is the action plan for restaurant leaders that refuse to settle. Those that defy complacency. Those that reject mediocrity! Those that want it all. We will give you the step-by-step strategic plan to get it all so you can get the restaurant you want!



You can’t solve a problem on the level it was created. We're going to give you the resources to become the leader you must become. By looking at your business through a new paradigms, you will discover what needs to be solved first and how to capture, categorize, and sequence your approach to build momentum and maximize success.


The competition is taking your market share more each year. You can’t compete anymore. You must dominate your market! Know exactly where your business really is — not where you think it is. The competitive advantages that put you in business and made you successful in the first place are almost certainly not sustainable moving forward. 


You should be making more. You should be marketing more. You should be updating your menu. You should be taking better care of yourself. So, why don't you do it? You must become more to get more. You know it deep down. Only by understanding where you and your restaurant is, can you anticipate, prepare, and solve the inevitable challenges that will occur in your business in advance.

"I got tired of meeting people at conferences that were highly motivated to make changes and then did nothing because they didn't have a plan. I decided to change that."

Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™

"“I believe that you really are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so the fact I get to attend the Restaurant Success Summit™ with 300 other like-minded high performers is solid gold! Donald Burns has put something together that I think will be truly special that provides support, accountability, and will help me get on track and stay on track with where I want my business to go!” "

Bobby Shaw
President, Bobby Shaw Consulting

"Attending The Restaurant Success Summit™️ was a no brainer as it will give me the opportunity to see the whole picture: menu design, marketing, branding, strategy, and how to build a kick-ass operation. This event for me is like getting my Ph.D. in leadership with the best coach in the world, Donald Burns!"

Al Silverspoon
District Manager, Burger King Corporation


This is the annual event for my elite group called Restaurant Masterminds™. We kick off this year on September 1st and we'll get three months of work done before on conference in November.  The event is a MULTI-DAY experience bringing together hundreds of ambitious restaurant operators, like you, running restaurants over $1M per year. We focus specifically on Leadership Mindset, Profitable Strategies, & Execution, to set you up for a powerful 2020 and connect you with a community of high quality people to help make that happen through the power of a mastermind group.

(Why $1M? Because the path to that milestone has unique challenges which we focus at solving and giving you resources for at the event. If you’re below $1M, this probably isn’t the event for you.)

If you’re ready to:

  • Get actionable strategies through our expert session line-up, (see the brochure for the complete agenda).
  • Be inspired by leaders through powerful presentations &  roundtable discussions.
  • Connect with other strong, smart & skilled restaurant operators through our private Facebook group and networking activities, (yeah, I know… nobody likes the word networking, but ‘hob-nob’ or ‘schmooze’, just didn't cut it. How about... outstanding, hard-working and ambitious people getting the chance to meet and make connections is what we mean. Cool? 

And we do all of this so you can accelerate on the path to getting to the next stage of your restaurant's growth.




Enroll for 6 months into my elite group call Restaurant Masterminds™, you'll get a premier ticket to The Restaurant Success Summit™ this November.

I know, it's not rocket science.


Restaurant Masterminds™ STARTS SEPTEMBER 1st with the Facebook Group for the pre-work webinars (online training) to get you ready for our LIVE event in Tucson where you'll meet high level restaurant operators (like yourself), get personal advice from 10 world class industry experts, and start customizing your 90-Day strategic plan.

Totally doable, right?


Leave inspired, motivated and focused on the steps you need to take to get the restaurant you want. You'll have the 90-day Strategic Plan + your membership in Restaurant Masterminds™ keeps you on track! 

This is your plan to finally get results!

Become The Leader You Want To Be!


Meet The Speakers

"Donald work with independent restaurants that want to build their brand, strengthen their team, and increase their profits so they can maximize their restaurant's potential, without sacrificing their life to their business. "

Donald Burns
The Restaurant Coach™

"Eva helps teams to improve their actions in the design, management and marketing of hotel and restaurant concepts. She is the Queen of Restaurant Strategy!"

Eva Ballarin
Hospitality Innovation Planet Director

"David knows the ins and outs of the industry and the challenges restaurant managers face and he sees first-hand how important labor management and employee communication is for any restaurant."

David Cantu
Co-Founder HotSchedules

"Andrew runs PR, marketing, and branding for some of the biggest names in the industry. He is also the key analyst for industry trends. Andrew doesn't talk about trends, he tells people what trends restaurant need to pay attention to!"

Andrew Freeman
Founder af&co.

"Jones instructs the culture and leadership training for all managers and team members for the Madison Square Garden Company and seven other brands. His ventures include the Mayfair Hotel, The Dapper Doughnut, Thunderbird Lounge, and Gaku Ramen."

Kelley Jones
Kelley Jones Hospitality

"Bruce is the host of The SPM Show where he interviews the leading minds in the restaurant industry and marketing world. Named one of the top restaurant experts to follow for the last three years."

Bruce Irving
Smart Pizza Marketing

"Brian is a hospitality evangelist, restaurateur, concept developer, winemaker, seminar/keynote speaker, educator and consultant. A seven year returning “Aspen Food/Wine Classic” trend specialist and panelist."

Brian Duncan
Down to Earth Wine Concepts

"Doug is the founding partner and lead consultant of Key Restaurant Group in addition to the author of the recently released book 'Bar Hacks'."

Doug Radkey
Key Restaurant Group

"Bo is a global restaurant growth and food chain expert. He is author of four books on restaurant menus, marketing, and profitability."

Ron "Bo" Bryant
Restaurant 360 Consulting


Get membership to my elite mastermind group + an all access pass to The Restaurant Success Summit this fall!





6 month membership to Restaurant Masterminds™ (with bi-monthly meetings) = $2,100 value

Access to all 16 workshops at The Restaurant Success Summit™ = $2400 value

200 page Restaurant Success Summit Workbook = $200 value

1 year access to workshop recordings = $297 value

TRC Swag Bag $200 value (signed books, baseball cap, wristbands, posters)

Total Value = $5,197






6 month membership to Restaurant Masterminds™ (with bi-monthly meetings) = $2,100 value

Access to all 16 workshops at The Restaurant Success Summit™ = $2400 value

200 page Restaurant Success Summit Workbook = $200 value

1 year access to workshop recordings = $297 value

TRC Swag Bag $200 value (signed books, baseball cap, wristbands, posters)

Total Value = $5,197






6 month membership to Restaurant Masterminds™ (with bi-monthly meetings) = $2,100 value

Access to all 16 workshops at The Restaurant Success Summit™ = $2400 value

200 page Restaurant Success Summit Workbook = $200 value

1 year access to workshop recordings = $297 value

TRC Swag Bag $200 value (signed books, baseball cap, wristbands, posters)

Total Value = $5,197


Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant Masterminds is my private restaurant accountability group where I work with high level restaurant owners and operators that need a peer group of like minded individuals to brainstorm solutions and hold each other to goals they set in the group. This isn’t for whiners who just want to bitch about everything and take no action to improve the situation. This is a group that will give you real solutions to real problems so you can get real results. Every ticket at The Restaurant Success Summit includes a 6 month membership into Restaurant Masterminds. We start with 3 months of prework (like training camp) and it continues for 3 months after The Restaurant Success Summit™. If you find you are getting value from the group, stay.

Before you arrive at The Restaurant Success Summit you will be sent a detailed questionnaire that must be completed in order to get an action plan that is customized to you and your restaurant. Failure to complete the questionnaire will result in you getting a generic plan that has little chance of maximizing your results. You have do some work on your end to get the big rewards.

The event will be in the Tucson, Arizona, famous for its panoramic views, amazing weather and amazing food scene. The event will be held at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, and we’ve secured a special room block for all of our attendees. You’ll get your unique reservation link once you’ve secured your ticket.

Planning these events along with catering, room size etc. is an arduous task, which is why if you can’t attend, you can transfer your ticket to the following year's event or someone else.

Yes. We will have a lunch buffet available for attendees. VIP pass holders are invited to join the speakers at a special luncheon roundtable event. 

Business casual is always a safe bet. It is the desert, so the nights can become slightly cool. We plan on having a cocktail reception poolside each night. 

We learn best when placed in an immersion environment. Learning at a workshop is no different. We actually took this learning theory from the master himself, Tony Robbins. His live events are notorious for going 12-16 hours each day. We didn’t want to go that extreme and yet we wanted to keep the schedule tight and jam packed to keep you in learning mode each day.

Reach out to me directly - donald (at) and let me know you’d be interested in finding out about sponsorship opportunities. We have a pretty sweet deal. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If after attending the first full day of The Restaurant Success Summit™ you do not feel you have received value to create exponential growth in your restaurant, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your restaurant. 


Top 5 Reasons To Attend The Restaurant Success Summit


Check out this post for why now is the time to get your ticket!



Give yourself the opportunity to be in the same place at the same time as so many coveted speakers and remarkable attendees. 


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