The saddest thing I see in restaurants is accepting just where they are. It’s settling for less. I don’t believe that brands are stuck because of resources. All restaurants have access to the same products, people, Systems, and marketing platforms. It’s like a puzzle. If you put the pieces together in the right places, then the picture becomes crystal clear. It’s how you put the puzzle together which makes the difference! It’s resourcefulness. Being able to make adjustments to the plan as needed to get the results you want. There are patterns to getting your restaurant from good, to great, to outstanding.


As The Restaurant Coach™ part of what I do is study restaurant success. Successful restaurants all have a similar pattern of focus and culture that not only gets them to the top, it keeps them there. Breaking it down to its basics elements, there are 4 levels of restaurant success. If you remember back in school there was the Bell Curve for grades. At the lower end of the scale were the F and D students. In the middle your C students and at the top end B and A students. Restaurants fall into a similar separation.


At the bottom of the pyramid are those that are really struggling and many don’t last long at this level. It’s sink or swim and whether you have enough cash flow to learn from your mistakes is really a factor on whether you can make it out of that. Here restaurants are focused on their product or menu, thinking that alone will be a game changer in their market. They usually have a weak brand identity and they have not considered how to position their restaurant in their market. The culture is like living in the Wild Wild West. The staff runs the show and it’s basically a place full of drama, thieves, and chaos.


The next level up is good. Here the restaurant is surviving. The business is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Turnover is still moderate, guest’s have a love/hate relationship with them online, and the bank account floats more into the red than black. They do start to get it together more on their brand and now have a little marketing effort going. They start to focus on training and systems to slow down complaints due to inconsistency. The culture is more under control and it starts to be designed. The owners and managers are exhausted yet optimistic. They see a light at the end of the tunnel.


The next level is great. Here the restaurant is really starting to thrive! The have a healthy Profit & Loss Statement and turnover has really slowed down. The brand is well formed and marketing is on point. They start to shift their focus from systems to strategy. Opportunities for growth and expansion are very common. Guests are more raving fans at this level and they spread the word of your establishment. The culture is highly crafted and nurtured. There is a shift from a training culture into a learning culture where personal development takes center stage and it is reflected in the profits.


At the top of the pyramid is a rare space reserved for the few. Competition is practically nonexistent because these restaurants stand out so far above that they have few in their market who can hang with them. These restaurants transcend being evolutionary (the great level) to become revolutionary! They don’t follow trends they make trends. Here the focus is on people and the culture is about leadership. Outstanding restaurants dominate their market and are relentless in the execution of the fundamentals that got them to the top.


The big difference between the four levels of restaurants is the degree of planning and execution they implement into their daily plan. There is a saying that "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" and it's true. Over my years as The Restaurant Coach™ I have created a road map that has been proven to get you from good, to great, to outstanding if you follow the plan I have made called The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™.

What's The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™?

This is my Strategic Roadmap that will restaurants move up to the top of The Restaurant Success Pyramid and stay there. 

This action plan has been refined and tested with hundreds of restaurants to ensure that it works for any concept. The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ is a series of building blocks that have a synergistic effect. Each element on it's own is very powerful and can create an impact in a restaurant. It's when you stack the building blocks together that The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ unleashes it true potential

Have you ever heard of a "syntax error"? That when you might have the right elements, you just have them in the wrong sequence. Think of it like a water dam with floodgates. You can be doing a few things right (have a few floodgates open) and see some water (profits or results) flow through. If you open all the floodgates in the correct order you get it all. 

Is This For You?

While each step of the Roadmap will be laid out and given to you, you'll still need to follow the path. You'll also have to do the work. It's like the old saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. I'll give you the tools, you'll have to pick them up and use them to see results. 

Many restaurants see The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™and want to take the shortcut. Let's be clear that there is NO shortcut to getting your restaurant to the outstanding restaurant level. If you are looking for a course that promises results without you having to do the work, or if you think you don't need to follow the path laid out here, then The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ is NOT for you. 

The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ works when you follow the correct sequence. Try to do things out of order and you will get a "syntax error" message and cut short the results you'll see. 


You will naturally want to stray off path when you see the entire course. Don't wander from the roadmap or you will not get the results you desire. Half-ass effort yields half-ass outcomes. If you commit to using these resources in the order presented in The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™, you will get the restaurant and life you want! That being said, there are three components to The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™.


When you start to build a house you have a certain way you do it. You don't start by building the roof and hold it up while you build the walls and the foundation. Unfortunately, this is how too many restaurants built their brand...ass backwards. 

The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ starts with setting up a solid foundation that you will build your brand upon. If, you do not have a great foundation, you will be limited as to how high you can build above. The same is true for your brand foundation. In the Foundation Phase we'll dial in the three key elements to your brand: behavioral assessments to understand your natural strengths, your core values for brand identity, and finally we'll make sure you are solid on your purpose or why are you doing all this. 


After the foundation is solid, now we can start to build the support structure for your brand. The next key is to make sure you are cultivating the right culture, one that aligns with your values and vision, which we established in The Foundation Phase. Culture is one of the things that outstanding restaurants are always aware of. You cannot leave culture to change. It must be crafted. Next, we'll dive into the 7 elements of a winning hiring system and how to truly attract top talent in your market. Then finally, we will start working on a marketing plan that will ensure you dominate and stand out in whatever market you are in. Having an effective marketing strategy separates those that hope and those that have confidence in their brand. 


In the final phase we move in and really dig down to maximizing your brand and your profits. The hard work you laid down in the first two phases will compound the results you get in The Function Phase. Everything has led up to this.

Here will will take apart and examine the elements of menu design and how you can use psychology to drive sales on your menu. We'll dig into some unusual Key Performance Indicators on your reports to fine tune and extract more profits which you can add to the bottom line. And, finally, we will pull it all together and understand the essence of dynamic team development so you can build a high performance team around you that will keep you and your brand at  the OUTSTANDING level.


The Restaurant Profit Roadmap™ is for restaurant owners and managers who want to improve their business and who are willing to put the effort in. This is NOT for Whiners – it is for individuals who are serious about growing their business and who have the discipline to follow through. At the end of every phase you will have a personal coaching call with me to make sure you are staying on track and on task. My mission is to get you from good, to great, to outstanding. You just have to make the commitment to start now. 


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