The RestaurantMAP™

You get the restaurant and life you want by having a plan. A really solid monthly plan that you can use as a guide to take action and make things happen. I'll even give you training on how to start using it today!


What Having a Monthly Plan Will Do For You

The RestaurantMAP™ was created over the last two years working with some of the most successful restaurant brands in the world. It will help you gain traction in three key areas:

Consistent Communication

All business problems are people problems. Those people problems are communication problems. The RestaurantMAP™ will give you one place to coordinate your monthly action plan. 

Proactive Productivity

Productivity increases when everyone is on the same page and is working for the same outcomes. Use this monthly MAP or Massive Action Plan to keep on track and on target to your monthly goals. 

Team Dynamics

Culture and team dynamics improve when the team is held accountable for tasks and outcomes. The RestaurantMAP™ will keep your team accountable for the outcomes they agreed to reach. 

Let's dive into these three areas more...


Communication With Clarity

The RestaurantMAP spells out exactly what needs to be done and who needs to do it. No more wondering where the team is with goals. Everyone contributes and you succeed together.


Stay in Action

The MAP serves as a steady reminder of what actions are next. As long as you refer to it daily it becomes your go to monthly action plan. Get creative with highlighters and post-it notes to emphasize what's next!


Keep Your Team Focused

Running a restaurant is full of daily distractions that can easily pull you and your team off track. Having The RestaurantMAP™ in plain site for the team is a gentle nudge to stay focused and to schedule time to make sure they make forward progress on outcomes and targets. 

"The RestaurantMAP™ is THE tool that refocuses your energy into increasing profitability and keeping you and your team on task. Without it your daily routine is stagnant and insignificant to your bottom line!"
— Chef Alejandra Chavez-Torres, Owner, Thyme Matters


The RestaurantMAP™ lives inside my signature roadmap to long-term restaurant profits called The Restaurant Success Formula™. It's been proven to get you to the top and keep you there in as little as 90-days.

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