If you are having an Annual Conference | Breakout Session | Leadership Summit | Conference Keynote | Panel Discussions | Moderator for Q&A Session | Webinars | Leadership Roundtables | Professional Development | Lectures | Association Workshops, or a Sales Launch...getting a dynamic speaker is critical to the success of your event (and job security). 

For 2018 I am basing my programs on my book: Your Restaurant Sucks! Embrace the suck. Unleash your restaurant. Become outstanding. The book is quickly becoming an Amazon Bestseller due to its straightforward and no BS approach.

Each program comes with access to its own companion online course which includes video lessons + downloadable workbooks + a 30-Day action plan. Take a look at the topics for this year...

If you don't see something you like, I can customize a program for your event. It's rare, but it does happen...


If you have any question or want to discuss your event just email me directly: [email protected]



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