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The Hire Attitude Workshop

Introducing "The Hire Attitude", a breakthrough course from Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach, dedicated to reshaping the way you approach talent acquisition.

Finding the right team is a challenging part of any business, especially in the high-stakes, high-turnover world of restaurants. The Hire Attitude course, using my extensive experience and proven techniques, will help you turn this process around and transform your team from the inside out.

The Hire Attitude course is designed to empower restaurant owners, managers, and HR professionals to attract, recruit, and retain high-quality talent that fits their establishment's culture and business model. This course will teach you how to navigate the hiring landscape effectively, providing actionable strategies for improving the quality of your team, and, ultimately, the success of your business.

What you'll get:

  • How to identify the right attitude and qualities for your restaurant culture.
  • Proven methods to attract the best talent and make your restaurant a preferred employer.
  • Techniques to streamline your interviewing process, focusing on potential rather than experience.
  • Effective retention strategies to minimize turnover and build a loyal team.

By understanding the importance of hiring for attitude, and not just experience or skill, you can significantly transform your restaurant business. The Hire Attitude course provides real-world examples, actionable insights, and simple, effective strategies that you can apply right away to bring about a significant change.

Remember, you're not just hiring employees - you're building a culture, a brand, and a future. And with "The Hire Attitude", you'll be equipped with the tools to do it successfully. Sign up today and take the first step towards improving your team and your business!