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Restaurant Masterminds Membership - PREMIER


✔️ INCREASE your restaurant’s growth 30-100% in the next year while working less so that your family will finally be proud of all those long hours you worked and sacrifices you made.

✔️ GROW your social media impact and influence faster than ever, learn how to become a marketing freak, and dominate the competition.

✔️ UNCOVER hidden profit centers in your restaurant's P&L so you can achieve financial freedom, take vacations, and get the things you’ve always wanted.

 ✔️ GET the most cutting edge culture-creating tools, marketing, brand-building tactics, and game-changing strategies that are working NOW to drive restaurants to massive profits so that you can deploy them in your business.

✔️ BECOME the leader you know you can be so you can guide your team to record profits, have massive impact in their lives and in your community — you can finally earn the recognition you deserve.

✔️ DISCOVER a better way, a faster way — and a simpler way — to achieve success rather than trying to “grind & hustle” your way to the top so you can leave the constant stress and uncontrollable late night anxiety attacks behind.

✔️ RISE above and leave behind the competition, becoming the ONE and ONLY option for your guests that become loyal because of the next-level service and hospitality that only your team can deliver.

✔️ ADOPT the mindset, habits, and persistence of Navy SEALs and USAF Pararescuemen (the world’s most disciplined and productive special operations teams) so that you never, EVER take the easy way out again and feel guilty that you are not living up to your full potential.

✔️ LEARN the EXACT step-by-step Restaurant Masterminds™ Framework to10X your potential and build unstoppable momentum for growth, profits, and a sustainable business.

✔️ LEAVE behind all of your excuses, worries, irrational fears, and frustrations because — with the accountability of your mastermind group beside you — your restaurant will finally start to become the way you envisioned as you put this new-found fuel on your fire.

✔️ NEVER think small again…never be held back by naysayers…never get taken prisoner by renegade employees with bad attitudes…never give in, never give up, and never quit on your hopes and dreams.

✔️ FEEL more alive and better prepared than you have ever felt in your life…more assured that success is inevitable...more connected to the world’s best restaurant experts and the infinite source of power they hold.

So, if you’re ready to…

- Finally become massively successful with your restaurant and career…

- Finally buy back your time and start living life on your own terms…

- Stop working so much and start enjoying the perks of being a true leader…

Then you absolutely, positively cannot miss the opportunity to join Restaurant Masterminds™.

WARNING: You will NOT experience the power of Restaurant Masterminds "via a live stream." The bi-weekly meetings will be recorded and are available for members. You've got to be on the calls to get the real benefits...

If you are not an active participant, you will not get the fast-track blueprint to getting the restaurant (or life) you want. PERIOD.

This Premier Package Includes:

  • 6 month membership to Restaurant Masterminds™ (with bi-monthly meetings) = $2,100 value
  • All Access Pass to Access The Restaurant Success Summit™ = $2400 value
  • 200 page Restaurant Success Summit Workbook = $200 value
  • 1 year access to workshop recordings = $297 value
  • TRC Swag Bag $200 value (signed books, baseball cap, wristbands, posters)
  • Total Value = $5,197

What People Are Saying:

“Joining Restaurant Masterminds™ was a no brainer as it will give me the opportunity to see the whole picture: menu design, marketing, branding, strategy, and how to build a kick-ass operation. This for me, is like getting my Ph.D. in leadership with the best coach in the world, Donald Burns!”

Al Silverspoon

“I don’t know anybody who has become super successful without employing the principles of both networking and masterminding. One of the most powerful ways to learn anything is to surround yourself with peers that push you. That's why having a mastermind is so important. A mastermind forces you to clarify your ideas, confront inconsistencies in your own thinking, and more closely walk your talk.”

Jack Canfield